Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to look stylish in cold weather

Winter is a season when you want and need to look good. Health is above fashion of course but you can look elegant in any weather if you know how to choose and combine clothes. You can be well-dressed and warm at the same time!
Here are 5 tips for you to use when choosing your winter outfits:
Tip 1: Opt for warm clothes for the upper part of your body
To keep warm you need to choose good items to dress your upper part. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and length to avoid fatter look.

Find a top with long sleeves that narrow to wrists. This can be a silky blouse or the one of another flimsy material. Don’t wear tops with wide wrist area even if those are top trendy. Cold wind can go inside and you might catch a severe chest cold.
Don a sweater or a clinging shirt over the blouse. What is important here is that the bottom part of the sweater/shirt shouldn’t be wide either, because you will look fatter. Those women who like wearing cashmere and wool know that properties of the material are what matter not the thickness of it.
Tip 2: Wear warm lingerie
If your lingerie is all the way covered with the clothes it doesn’t mean you can wear something horrible down there. Don’t sacrifice your femininity to the cold.
Tip 3: Keep your feet warm
If you wear trousers don thin tights underneath. The best fabric for winter trousers is wool. And trousers should be tight-fitting.
If you prefer skirts, opt for warmer tights. And of course the longer the skirt the warmer you feel. Forget about skirts which widen to the bottom. Straight design is the best.

No matter what you choose, trousers or a skirt, you should wear a good pair of high boots which can protect your feet and ankles from the cold. Opt for high boots of the same color as your skirt or trousers.
Tip 4: Select the right coat
A coat or an anorak should be of high quality and warm. The length of it determines your entire look. Choose a coat that fits you well and flatters your figure. Opt for a design that lengthens your silhouette rather than shortens it.

To create a casual look, choose short coats or anoraks. But be careful as a too short anorak can create a ‘ball’ effect at the belly and you will look fatter. Hip-long coat or an anorak looks good on everyone and it is comfortable as well.
For a smart look opt for a coat that goes down your knees or a bit higher. Trapeze-shaped, short and loose coats look more casual than smart. The color of your anorak or a coat depends on the color of your clothes. Everything should go in harmony.
Tip 5. Keep your head warm
Headband, hat, kerchief, beret – there are so many types of headwear nowadays and you can easily find something that flatters you the most. Just don’t allow your head to get cold. Experiment with details (add a brooch, flower, etc.)
To stay elegant don’t forget about the makeup. Accentuate your lips. And take care of your hair, it should look good.
All these tips will make your winter look more stylish. And don’t forget about smile when you choose your clothes. Then you’ll make a better choice. Good luck!

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