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The sherwani appeared during the period of British India in 18 century. As a fusion of the shalwar kameez with the British frock coat. It was gradually adopted by most of the Indian aristocracymostly Muslim. The first new style of sherwani in which you see include dhoti. This is new Pakistani styleand Indian style any Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi can use it in any even, mostly Punjabi like it in Pakistan and India. Mostly people use sherwani and shelwar in Pakistan and India, but this is new traditional trend dhoti sherwani, you see sherwani matching color with dhoti, in this two color blue and red are looking good,

You see corn silk sherwani color and light sea green dhoti color with cadet blue romaal. And light sea green khussa. This style is in the village of Punjab, Punjabi use it on any event like mela, horse game event and marriage events. You see blue machine stitching on cloth top. Pakistani khussa is most suits for this.

This is one of most topper sherwani and dhoti for teen villagers. And most important is that Pakistani khussa is suit with sharwaniMostly people like corn flower blue color in marriage event and village mela. The light coral color of dhoti is matching with stitching of sherwani. And sherwani color is match with dhoti lance.

Mostly gul ahmed verity is most famous in all world but this verity is one of this.

Mostly Amar bilal and Imbias collection introduce like this type of sherwani but this is traditional style of Pakistan. In this you can see designer work, sherwani and dhoti color matching and Pakistani khussa color with dhoti and sherwani and match.

Mostly people use with shewanichuridar pajama. And mostly, India use jeans with sherwan, and in Pakistan use choridar pajama and dhoti with sherwani

This is not only for teen. Kid’s sherwani is also famous in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In Pakistani this is famous with wedding shewani, and India also.


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dated: 13 dec 2010