Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cool Ways to Style Long Hair in 2011

Cool Ways to Style Long Hair in 2011
Kick start the new year wearing the hottest hairstyles trends for 2011! Draw inspiration from the coolest ways to style long hairstyles in 2011! Get your tools out and get stylin'!

Long hairstyles have always been popular among women due to the versatility this hair length has to offer. But being creative with your hair is not always that easy as there are a variety of hairstyles available to choose from but not all of them suit the new trends. If you are looking for cool ways to style long hair in 2011 you need to determine your style and select one of the following fab hairstyles that are uber-popular in 2011. 

It is absolutely amazing how much hair styling has evolved and nowadays there is virtually nothing you can't do with your hair. However that doesn't mean all hair styles are in when it comes to the new season but there are however a variety of fabulous cool hairstyles to try which will make you look amazingly stylish. 

Hair by Hair Studio
Hair by Mark Leeson

Loose curls, as well as wavy texture are the main hair trends in 2011. The easy look can be worn by anyone regardless of the natural hair texture as nowadays curly or wavy tresses can be easily obtained with the help of different hair styling tools. 

Working with your natural texture doesn't require too much skill and can be a perfect solution for casual as well as more formal occasions. Enhance curls or waves by applying some styling mousse or curl enhancer to freshly washed locks prior to styling - the results will not only last longer but will also ease styling process. 

Hair by Cobella
Hair by Hair Studio

Updos are perfect especially when it comes to the hot season or when it comes to more formal occasions and there are a variety of updo styles to choose from. You can go full on elegant by opting for a timeless lovely chignon, a sophisticated updo or you can go for a more relaxed look with a soft, loose updo. These updos can be created on curly as well as sleek straight hair so you don't have to go overboard with styling the hair. 
Gather the hair on top of the head or centered back, either way your tresses will look amazing.

Hair by Daniel Hersheson
Hair by Hair Arena

The supersized is still on trend in 2011. The bun looks best if created on straight hair but you can style it on wavy tresses as well with the same amount of effort and achieve a lovely result. Gather the hair up top, secure it in a ponytail with an elastic and start building the supersized bun using bobby pins.

Hair by Cobella
Hair by Hair Studio

Ponytail hairstyles rock this year and there are a variety of uber-stylish ways to style a cool ponytail in 2011. Go for centered high ponytails which you will spice up by braiding sections of the hair. You can also opt for different style ponytails as well as braiding styles, either way your tresses will look lovely. 

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women

The latest short hairstyles for women are extremely trendy and versatile. Celebrities like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have become big hair style inspirations for many women when searching for trendy new hairstyles and haircuts for women.

Only the thought of chopping off long locks may make some nervous, but every woman considers getting a short(er) haircut at one time or another.
Short hairstyles have been several female celebrities' top choices that made thousands of women run to the hair salon to ask for Rihanna's cut, the Victoria Beckham pixie or Katie Holmes' short bob.

Rihanna Short Haircut
Rihanna Trendy Short Hairstyle

Katie Holmes Short Bob Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyle

The new short hairstyles are fun to style and very versatile - ask for disconnected layers, bangs that are longer or a nape that is asymmetrical.
These elements will give a trendy twist to a short haircut that can be styled easily from day to night: you only need a few minutes to slick it back, curl ends, slip in a hair accessory like headbands or barrettes.

All the little time-saving advantages of short hairstyles will add up to one big one – much less stress for you! Experimenting with different hair products and hair styling tools can also change your look every other day, without worrying too much about hair damage, as the ends are “newer” and healthier.

Short Layered Bob Hairstyle for Women
Trendy Short Hairstyle for Women

Short Haircut for Women
Short Hairstyles for Women

Trendy Hair Highlights and Lowlights

Trendy Hair Highlights and LowlightsA blend of trendy hair highlights and lowlights can give you the most natural, multitonal look that's bang on trend! Get a hot hair color update for the spring with trendy highlights and lowlights.

As we move into spring we're starting to see a lot more warm, honey tones in the hair coloring trends. These colors suit the wavy textured looks around at the moment. The greatest thing about highlights and lowlights is that they can vary from the darker tones to really light hues meaning there's a color combination for everyone.

Hair highlights and lowlights are a form of color to add light and texture to hair. They can be as subtle or strong as you want them to be and can be made bespoke and personal to suit each individual, with a mix of two, three or more shades within the color palette.

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights
Highlights and Lowlights with Pictures

Trendy hair highlights and lowlights will suit anyone that going for the natural look, without wanting to stand out from the crowd. Blended highlights and lowlights are not a strong color commitment and will work well if you're going for an understated look.

The great thing about highlights and lowlights is that they suit virtually any hair type – they can make fine hair look thicker and make heavy, dark hair look lighter and more textured.

Natural Looking Highlights Lowlights
Hair Highlights and Lowlights

The maintenance of highlights and lowlights depends on where you have them and how many. A full head of blonde highlights on darker hair will need updating every four to six weeks, whereas if you're just going for color in the underlying sections, they can be touched up as and when.