Monday, December 27, 2010


Men's sunglasses by Prada are becoming more and more popular. This goes to show that you can have both functionality and style in one package. For those who do not know whatPrada is, it is an internationally well known and well loved Italian fashion company. It generally caters to both men and women in luxurious fashion clothes and accessories such as shoes and sunglasses.
When it comes to designer fashion eyewearPrada sunglasses are trend setters. Its most famous sunglass models consist of wrap-around lenses, bold colors with pearly shades and refined decorations. These glasses always come out versatile and distinctive beyond time. Since it is one of the most sought for eyewear, there are a number of fakes or replicas of Prada sunglasses surfacing in the market in 2010. Due to this, finding the most authentic pair of Prada sunglasses for men becomes a very difficult mission. We will discuss tips on how to distinguish authentic from the imitation.
Prada Square Aviator Sunglasses for Men 2010 by Nordstrom
First, let us look on the most obvious aspect, it overall look. Compare the sunglasses to the official Prada website. Authentic Prada sunglasses within the boundaries of the same design are identical. Remember to look at the logo. It should be identical to that of the official website. Replicas usually look like the actual logo but have some variations. Also, do not forget to check its label. Fakes have misspellings.
Next step is to evaluate the craftsmanship of the sunglasses. Authentic Prada sunglasses are sturdy and durable. If the sunglasses under consideration look cheap and insubstantial then they are without a doubt not genuine.
Prada Retro Sunglasses 2010 for Men by Nordstrom
The third and final step is to think about the seller. Prada sunglasses are sold in expensive department stores and chic boutiques. If a street vendor is selling the sunglasses, they are definitely imitations.
Prada Wraparound Shield Sunglasses for Men 2010 by Nordstrom

Prada Modern Aviator Sunglasses for Men 2010 by Nordstrom

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