Sunday, December 26, 2010

What to Wear In Paris This Winter

Story by Julie Blakley, Why Go Paris for Haven in Paris

Despite the fact that I have an ample amount of French blood pumping through my veins, I still find myself to be the fashion and style inferior to all the fabulously dressed French women when I’m traveling in France. After living in Paris through the winter, and doing enough shopping while I was there, I learned a great deal about how to dress so I wouldn’t look like a tourist when I was going to class, sipping my cappuccino or shopping. Here are a few tips on excellent winter wear in France, so you won’t stick out quite so much when walking the streets of Paris, visiting the vineyards of the Loire or bundling up in the mountains of the Alps.
Wear a Scarf—Winter tip number one is an easy and important one. French women and men love scarves, and they seem to have an effortless, inimitable and elegant way of tying them to perfect their look. Not only will scarves keep you warm in the winter months, the simple accessory will also make you look oh-so-French. Plus, you won’t break the bank trying to blend in. Buy a few different scarves in different colors and observe how the French tie them and try to do the same. You may even have that satisfying moment when a French person asks you for directions or starts a conversation with you in the Metro before they realize that you are really just a tourist in disguise.
Buy a Pair of Boots—As soon as the leaves start to change and the air starts to turn chilly, all the shoe stores in France start lining their window displays with boots. Knee-high boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, flat boots, black boots, brown boots. They are must have footwear option in the winter months. The French wear them all different ways—with tights and dresses or skirts, over pants, under pants, you name it. You will almost NEVER see a French woman wearing a pair of sneakers, so buying a pair of boots can be a great way to look stylin’ and blend in. They go with everything, they’re comfortable and they always look great.
Invest in a Peacoat—The weather gets chilly in most places in France and the last thing you want to do is be walking around with a huge parka on. While you will see fabulous French women wearing furs in Paris, a great (and less expensive) coat to bring is just a simple, goes-with-everything peacoat. If you bring one coat with you on your trip to France, bring a pea coat. You’ll stay warm and look great all at the same time. Plus, if you get a neutral one in brown or black, it will go with EVERYTHING from jeans to a dress.
Remember: When packing or shopping for your trip to France this winter, don’t forget that there is definitely such a thing as being too casual in France. The French, in general, are always well put together and their idea of “casual” tends to differ slightly from the American standard. Pack a lot of easy to wear stuff that can be paired with anything—jeans, sweaters and the above staples (boots, scarves and a good coat) and you should be not only comfortable, but also looking a lot less like a tourist and a lot more like a Francais(e).
And of course, if you get to Paris and find that you’ve made a fashion misstep, you’ll just have to shop! Problem solved

Fashionable hand gloves for women are one of those most important winter fashion

Fashionable hand gloves for women are one of those most important winter fashion accessories which are always imperative to stay warm on cold days. Fashionable hand gloves for women are one of those essential fashion accessories for which all women look forward and keep themselves abreast with ever changing fashion world. In this most happening season, shopping for stylish and fashionable hand gloves is one of the best things that complete your winter collection. Some pairs of fashionable hand gloves worn along graceful winter dress and trendy footwear add elegance to your personality. So, it’s time to grab some pairs of classy hand gloves that keep you chic and cozy on cold days. A variety of fashionable hand gloves is available to you right up there in market from where you can choose any pair of fashionable hand gloves of your choice. A wide range of hand gloves includes:
* Rubber hand gloves
* Leather hand gloves
Cotton hand gloves
* Woven hand gloves
* Knitted hand gloves
* Disposable hand gloves
Head, feet and hands leave an excessive amount of heat in winter than core body leaving them more exposed to cold. Therefore, in extreme cold it is essential to cover your head, feet and hands so that heat may trap inside giving you warmth and comfort around the day and nevertheless, hand gloves are best option to save hands when you are out in cold. You just need to consider few points while selecting your hand gloves because different gloves give different levels of warmth required:
* If you have to stay outside day long then expensive gloves are well suited because they wick away all the moisture of your fist keeping you dry till back at home
Leather hand gloves are worn when you are at a hill station on winter holidays and want to play with snow
* Rubber hand gloves are not often suggested because they are worn to work in severe cold temperature
* Some gloves have faux fur inside to keep your hands dry and are suitable on mild cold days
* Cotton, woven and knitted hand gloves are best for formal wear and prevent cold to struck your hands
Gloves reduce heat loss and make you warm in winter. They give you a bold, sexy and stylish look when you select different colors and prints that compliment your dress and shoes. So, go to purchase some durable, comfortable and fashionable hand gloves that give supremacy to your personality and wardrobe.

Fall/Winter 2010 Headwear Trends

Accessories of all shades and sizes played a fabulous role in the overall effect of various outfits from the runway. The Fall/Winter 2010 headwear trends come in endless variations from the versatile fabric use to unique tailoring patterns and suave lines and angles. In order to pamper your scalp with the most stylish hats for the cold season make sure you embrace the cute style tendencies that would flatter and more upgrade your look on the spot. 

Prep your wardrobe for the colder season with the latest accessories that besides keeping you warm and comfy would also perk up your outfits making you look hot no matter what. The Fall/Winter 2010 headwear trends line up a multitude of designs in endless fabrics and colors that can complete the versatile looks each time you decide to switch your signature outfit. Casual chic-inspired knit hats as well as the more classy Boho chic ones all make the same smashing impression when paired with a fabulous apparel. Crown your dapper ensemble with a stylish headwear paired with a cute hair styles that can bring out the best of your features as well as hair style. Read through the useful ideas on how to rock the trends below and feel free to adopt your own vision of a dream appearance complemented with a similar faddish accessory. 


Knit Hats

Knitwear was always associated with warm and comfort especially as the freezing season is just around the corner. Those who would like to top the fab look of their layered outfits as well as skin-stroking clothing pieces should embrace the knit hats accessory trend as the perfect alternatives to banish the monotony of their apparel. Choose from the busy prints as well as vibrating shades or rely on the power of neutral tones and creamy textures. The A/W collection of Anna Sui with the colorful designs and eye-catching patterns as well as the uber-suave outfits presented during the shows of 
Tory Burch, Rochas and Michael Kors all aim to inspire you and offer you revolutionary and all time winner ideas on how to embed this time-tested accessory into your look.

Boho Chic Hats

Longing for a Bohemian and fall-romance-appropriate headwear? Then dare to be different and embrace the Boho chic hats style wave that comes with an overwhelming floor and fills our soul with the dainty allure of the Hobo style outfits as long floor-sweeping dresses as well as cute suits and chic outerwear in their utmost beauty. Collections of Kenzo, Yohji Yamamoto, Diesel Black and Gold as well as Salvatore Ferragamo provide us with the best and most creative insight into the popularity and fall-vibe of the fashion trend. In need of voguish ideas to adopt the trend, you'll have the chance to skim through the endless outfit ideas worth copycatting and worshiping. Find the best textures and shades to mirror your cool personality and keep the door open for brand new and unique accessorizing ideas for the season.


Fur Hats

Try your hand at the most spectacular accessory trends of the season. Undoubtedly fur or faux furdominated the runway with its class and refinement. Therefore hats are no exception when it comes of contamination with this style craze. Designers aim to furnish us with the most fabulous and gorgeous fur hats that can be embedded into chic urban sportswear as well as office chic outfits depending on our preferences. Team up your fashion history knowledge as well as creative style skills to ride the fur hat fashion wave. Take a glimpse at the collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Frustenberg to see how the great gurus imagined the most visionary outfits elaborating this trend.

School-Boy-Inspired Hats

Were you always inspired by the Preppy-chic as well as school-boy-look-inspired style tendencies? Then this time designers worked to fulfill your greatest wish and provide you with the latest chic headwear elaborating this theme. Look through the most admired and valued collections of Christian Dior, Paul Smith, Lacoste as well as DKNY to guarantee the success of your next casual chic outfit. Use this spectacular accessory to enhance your look with a tint of youthful vibe and stay prepped for the fab style inventions combining the various textures and shades with the key pieces of your wardrobe.