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Fashion Jewelery in Pakistan jewelry page is for all jewelry lover men and women.Pakistani jewellery is famous for its wide range of styles designs and delicatehand work. Jewelery is a very special item among Pakistani women on any occasion or celebration. It has a great role in bridal getup. Jewelry is not only wore by Pakistani women on functions but almost all women wear jewellery depending on nature of their work and life-style. So Pakistan jewelry page brings to you all vriety of Pakistani jewelry worn in Pakistan. These include gold, silver, bronze, stones and alsofake jewelry items. The styles displayed in our jewelry portfolio arefor both casual wear and formal wear. Some of these styles are blended with western styles to produce elegant combination of gold and stones for bridal jewelry and also for casual wear. Stones and gems of various colors are embedded in yellow gold or white gold to produce jewellery to match clothes of different colors. Some of these stones are garnets, topaz, blue sapphire. This has given wide choice to brides for selecting color of their bridal dress and and giving rise to new trends. Write to Pakistani jewelry page about your needs and we will help you making best selections out of your range.
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dated: 30 dec 2010
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Kundan Jewelry is going to become Inn in 2011

Kundan jewellery is one of the most exquisite traditional Pakistani jewelry. The word Kundan itself means ‘Pure gold’ justifying the use of refined gold in designing this jewelry. Though its inception dates back to the Moghul Era, it is still in vogue among the Pakistani masses and even abroad.
The art of designing Kundan jewelry is called Kundankari, which involves a group of expert craftsmen involving chiterias, ghaarias, the goldsmith etc. Initially the jewelry piece is first shaped and then holes are cut for the precious stones to be engraved and then the pieces are enameled. When the stones are to be set, lac is inserted in the back, and is then visible in the front through the holes. The Kundan, i.e. the highly refined gold, is then used to cover the lac and the stone is pushed in it.
At times, more Kundan is layered on to finish the piece to strengthen joints and add to the beauty of the jewelry. This was the traditional way of designing them, until the western techniques of claw setting were introduced. The stones used in the jewelry vary from occasion to occasion and even the regions. The usual stones used in Kundan work include emerald, crystal rock, topaz, amethyst, jade, agate, garnet etc.

These days Kundankari is blended with Meenakari to produce jewelry with stones encrusted on one side and colorfully intricate Meenakari i.e. enameling on the other. This enameling involves fusion of colored minerals such as cobalt oxide for blue and copper oxide for green. The colors used in this enameling are applied in order of the hardness those requiring more heat first and those requiring less heat later.
The commonly worn Kundan ornaments include:
  • Diamond studded necklace
  • Jingni
  • Ticka
  • Taawez
  • Hangtaweez
  • Halqband
  • Jumka earrings
  • Bracelets
In earlier days, Kundan jewelry was considered a royal choice and was usually beyond the capacity of commoners. They were treasured in royal households and families. But now they are available at affordable prices and with broadly diverse options to choose from. They are the trendiest ornaments in the market. Brides usually prefer Kundan ornaments including heavy diamond studded necklaces.
Designers these days have started decorating designer sarees with uncut stones embroidered in intricate metal designs. These patterns are referred to as Kundan work and are worn on weddings to amend the Kundan pattern of ornaments. These ornaments coruscate elegantly with ethnic Pakistani clothing.

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Discover the Shawl Wrap

Get a Beautiful Women's Shawl Wrap!

Look beautiful...feel beautiful with these shawls and wraps from Fashion Scarves and Shawls. Today, many women are wearing these unique fashion accessories and looking stylish and fashionable as a result.

 Different Ways to Tie a Shawl and Scarves & Wraps in the Cold Weather

    Experimenting with the many different ways to tie a shawl can be a great way to explore your feminine and creative side. Fashion is always fun and what better way to have fun than to maximize the use of our favorite versatile accessory – the shawl. This time however, let us explore the different ways to tie a shawl which is applicable not only as a fashion statement but also as must-have for these cold months. With the winter months upon us, these tips not only touch on the chic aspect of the various styles but also on the comfort that it brings. As a winter ascot: If you want to feel all snuggled up in cashmere luxury, then this style is simply the best for that winter wonderland walk. Creating this look wouldn’t take half a minute: loop the wrap in half, wrap it around your neck, and slip the ends through the loop, ascot style. Chic and comfortable, you couldn’t ask for more. Cowl style: Stoles or scarves wrapped too close to the throat could leave you feeling uncomfortable. For a more relaxed look to go with your favorite winter coat, try draping you shawl loosely around the neck, the ends trailing at your back. Then bring the ends back forward and position them in front, arranging them loosely to form a cowl. As an accent for jackets and sweaters: The usual evening wraps shawls, more than just being a very comfortable covering for the upper body, can also serve as an accent as well. Using an elongated scarf or stole for this, place the length around your neck with the ends coming over to the front, then tie the ends and adjust according to how it would best suit your attire. As a winter wear scarf: As the name implies, this style is most applicable during the cold months by keeping in that much needed heat while keeping you also looking your best. Spread wide your shawl and slip this around your shoulders, bringing the ends to the front while allowing some draping in the back to add elegance. While tying the ends in front may also be done, it is best to secure this in place with a matching shawl pin or stick. Indeed, while wraps and stoles are important fashion necessities, let us not forget their other important use: giving warmth. Combining these two would give you a potent combination for conquering the cold and doing it fashionably. Try out the different ways to tie scarves wraps shawls now.

    Cashmere Shawl w/Fur
    Ribbon Feather
    Bold Stripes
    Velvet Butterfly

what is the mean of promise ring ????

Promise Rings & Diamond Promise Rings

Promise Rings: When two people commit to each other and know they are destined to be with each other for all eternity they offer a promise ring to prove their commitment to lifelong love and devotion to each other. It is used as a prelude to marriage.
There are many different promise ring styles:

  • White Gold Promise Rings

  • Diamond Promise Rings

  • Yellow Gold Promise Rings

  • Solid 14K designs

  • Many designs contain the heart symbol and it is symbolic in that the lover dedicates their heart to being with each other. Sterling silver promise rings are also given when the purchaser is unable to afford the precious syles and genuine diamonds.
    Other designs don't necessarily contain hearts. They are usually simplistic in design and may have diamonds. Many use 3 stone diamond rings (usually smaller in stone size than the engagement three stone) or another classic design.
    Promise rings date back to the 16th century. They were also known as friendship rings and illustrations show these rings (as early as 1576AD). Back in the day, when a man could not afford to get married as the social structure of marriage was forbidding, they would buy a promise ring as a placeholder until such time they would be able to effectuate a marriage.
    During the 20th century, in some instances women would offer men's promise rings to their man because, at the time, he was unable to give a commitment. It was generally a surprise offering and was something the man could accept or deny.
    Tradition generally holds that these rings were given by younger couples. This was usually the case because it was normal for the young couple not to have a wealth position that would allow for marriage and children. Nowadays anyone can give a promise ring, regardless of wealth or social status.

  • Ades, Michael "Beautiful Promise Rings" A True Love Commitment Spring 2002

  • Men's Bracelets

     Men's Bracelets with Diamonds
    Each bracelet is designed with a masculine look and feel. This fine assortment of bracelets adds another touch of class to your wardrobe. We have an extensive selection of stunningly designed bracelets all designed to cater to a variety of different styles to match your personality. These Men’s armlets make a perfect gift for a graduation or a groomsmen’s gift. Men’s bracelets are a unique addition to your attire for that extra class on a special occasion. The very latest styles in men’s bracelets range from single chains, links, gemstones, bricks etc.


    Gift Ideas for College Girls

    Need a gift idea for a college girl? Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all gift for college girls, so keep in mind her particular interests and personality. Is she a girly girl? An athlete? A serious student?
    Here’s a list of gift ideas for college girls to be used for all kinds of occasions– birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, or whenever.

    Personalized gifts. For women of all ages, it really is the thought more than the price tag that makes something a meaningful gift. (Well, that goes for most women!) Women tend to be more sentimental about gifts than men, and appreciate unique gifts that were chosen with her in mind. One easy way to do this is with a personalized gift. Find her something that has her name or initials on it, or that otherwise is personalized just for her. Here are some suggestions:
    • A monogrammed sweater
    • Monogrammed luggage (a great gift from parents)
    • A laser monogrammed iPod
    • A necklace with her initial or her name (like the “Carrie” necklace in Sex and the City)
    • Birthstone earrings or other jewelry
    “Girly girl” gifts. College students usually don’t have lots of money in their budget for fun feminine luxuries. So if that’s her thing, pamper her with girly gifts. Some suggestions:
    • A gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure
    • Bath products
    • Perfume
    • Nice makeup from a department store
    Accessories. With their limited clothing budgets, most college girls aren’t able to buy lots of accessories. Here’s some fun suggestions. Some of these fall under the “girly girl” category, but not necessarily.

    College Girls Style & Fashion

    What kinds of clothes do college girls need for school? When thinking about what to buy and what to bring, here’s one word to keep mind: practical! You can be a campus fashion icon if that makes you happy, but most students prefer to spend their time and money on other things. College life is stressful, and you’re going to want to be comfortable more often than you’ll want to be stylish.The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus. Some college campuses are more “Abercrombie” than others. In most cases, though, there’s not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high school.

    College Girls Different Styles
    Bookmark this page, because College Fashion has your solution. Here are seven fabulous and easy ways to do your hair when you’re pressed for time. Your hair will look hot, and no one will ever know you slept in!

    Get Rid of Grease
    Beat oily “second day” hair with this easy trick: grab some baby powder if you’re light-haired or matte bronzer if you’re a brunette and apply it to your roots with a big fluffy makeup brush. This absorbs grease and makes your hair look fresh. Then just fix any stray strands with a flat iron; shake out your hair and go.

    For an elegant style that’s so Blair on Gossip Girl, smooth out your hair with a brush, then pull on a wide headband to cover up messier strands and look instantly polished. Try a shiny patent leather headband in an outfit-coordinating shade for a super-trendy look that’s very right-now.
    Try Chopstick Hair
    This style only looks difficult.. it’s actually insanely easy to do. If you don’t know how to make a chopstick updo, check out this Youtube tutorial, or for another way to do it, this tutorial. You don’t need actual chopsticks for this look – special hair sticks or even a pencil will work in a pinch.

    Make a Chic Ponytail
    If your hair is curly, use a little anti-frizz cream first. If you have straight locks, scrunch in curl cream to bring out some waves. Tease hair at the crown then pull into a low ponytail. Leave a ½ inch strand out and secure the ponytail with a clear elastic. Wrap the extra strand around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.College life is stressful college fashion, college trends ,girls fashion,Slip on a Headband,Make a Chic Ponytail,College Girls Style & Fashion,Try Chopstick Hair