Wednesday, February 9, 2011

23 (Very) Beautiful French Kitchens

Here are a set of very beautiful kitchens from French kitchen maker Perene. Perene’s portfolio is impressive with a set of luxury kitchens targeted at the high-end market and to those who do not mind giving an extra dollar for quality. Though majority of their designs can be classifed as ‘modern’, each kitchen is not without its own twist of style. Fancy decor, custom wall art and other curios lend each design its own flavour.
Hats off to the designer here…and yeah, the photographer too!
beautiful wooden kitchen
black and white kitchen plants
beautiful white scenic kitchen
wooden white kitchen
kitchen flowers
kitchen brilliant lighting
green apartment kitchen
glossy white kitchen
white red kitchen
traditional worn look kitchen
brown tinted kitchen
black white kitchen
stylish kitchens
scenic fresh kitchen
orange kitchen
luxury wooden kitchen
kitchen with tvkitchen with entertainment
kitchen wall finish
classic art deco kitchen
chic kitchen wallart
kitchen lighting
black kitchen

Purple Kitchens

If you have been a long term follower of this site, you will know that at times we do color specific posts. It is like we pick out a particular color and post pictures of spaces that give importance to this color. Today we specifically focus on purple kitchens, and we must say that the visual impact of this range of hues really works in the modern kitchen! Since purple signifies deep passion, royalty, spirit, and people who like purple are often individuals who are creative and generous. Needless to say, these kitchens are definitely mysteriously inviting, sexy, and the color all too trendy this season, but perfect for hosting fabulous interactive dinner parties. Let’s just hope tie-dye doesn’t come back into style any time soon…
Make Up Your Eyes for Evening

When evening calls for a glamorous look, you want to focus on making your eyes amazing. Here are eight simple steps to making up your eyes for evening.
   1. Prep your eyes with concealer. Concealer can be used to cover up under eye circles or just the bluish discoloration just under your inner eye. To cover dark under eye circles, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge.
   2. Apply eye base to your lid Eye base is the secret to keeping your shadow in place for hours. Without properly priming your lid first, your eye shadow will likely end up a greasy line in your crease.
   3. Apply shadow. It's great to use a three-toned shadow and build from lids to brow. Allowing them to merge into each other like a rainbow is graceful. Start with a light color that almost matches your lid. brush the color across the lid and up to your browbone. Follow with a medium color across your lid only. Build on this with a darker color in the crease. Blend the colors well.
   4. Follow with eyeliner Dark eyeshadows work great as eyeliners. Wet a slanted brush, and then dip in a dark eyeshadow. Line eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Follow with liner on bottom eyes, but only line from the middle of the eye out. Smudge the bottom line with a Q-tip or your finger. You don't want a prominent line. For a smokey eye, use a brush to pat in a dark eyeshadow along the upper lid and below the lid. You don't want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it's 'smudge-y.'
   5. Brighten your eyes with a highlighter. This step involves only the inside part of the eye. With a gold or pink highlighter (white is too bright), draw a v-shaped shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers. This will help make eyes 'pop.'
   6. Highlight your brow Take the same highlighter and dab it on your browbone, concentrating on your mid-brow outward. Blend with your finger.
   7. Curl lashes An eyelash curler will make even long lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler under a blowdryer for a couple seconds. Test curler before applying to lashes because you could burn yourself.
   8. Apply mascara Place the wand of your mascara brush at the bottom of lashes and wiggle back and forth. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Apply to bottom lashes as well.

Homemade body Spa

Homemade Body Spa Recepies

Antiperspirants work by clogging, closing, or blocking the pores with powerful astringents -- such as aluminum salts -- so that they cannot release perspiration.  Many natural health care proponents argue against using aluminum because it accumulates in the brain.

Deodorants work by neutralizing the smell of the perspiration mixed with "body dust" (skin, hair and other bacterial goodies we carry around on ourselves all day), and by antiseptic action against that bacteria. Deodorants are more healthful because they don’t interfere with perspiration, a natural cooling process.

Here are a few simple recipes, which are fun to make because they can customized with your favorite scents.  We don't always have to smell "powder fresh" or "sunshine fresh."  I prefer ylang ylang, myself. -- Editor

      Baking Soda:  Baking soda works wonders because it neutralizes the odor of sweat. Just sprinkle a light covering of baking soda onto a damp washcloth. Pat on. Don’t rinse.

      Basic Deodorant Powder:  1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup cornstarch, a few drops essential oils such as lavender or cinnamon, or try cedar and sage for men. Place the ingredients in a glass jar. Shake to blend. Sprinkle a light covering of the powder on a damp washcloth. Pat on. Do not rinse.

      Basic Liquid Deoderant:1/4 cup each witch hazel extract, aloe vera gel, and mineral water, 1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin, a few drops antibacterial essential oils such as lavender, or tea tree. Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake to blend. Makes 3/4 cup with an indefinite shelf life.

    Quick and effective deodorants : Simply put some apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and apply under the arms. When it dries...its smell is gone. It works for me a minimum of 14 hours. It even cleared up a small mild rash from the regular store deodorant I stopped using.

   After shave : it will consists of preparing peppermint tea using two teabags and let it steep until cool. Place in spray bottle...