Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gorgeous Skin

Skin care tips for keeping it gorgeous.
Yet again we come up with the entire list of skin care tips for you to follow and make your skin look healthy. To get the gorgeous skin the first thing to do is never sleep with the makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe so make sure you wash your skin twice at the end of the day; once to get the makeup off, a second time to wash the skin itself. 
Go for natural products when it comes to your skin. Exfoliate your skin at night with natural products that are readily available such as sugar and oat meal. Yourskin deserves attention and that too at all times so that you keep up with the skin care tips and get the best results for your skin.
The next thing to do as a routine for your skin care is to use facial masks regularly. Yet again you can go fornatural products for your skin. Go for mashed banana and avocado or just plain yogurt. Skin care should be your top priority. Moisturize your skin during the day and at night. 
Never go for too cheap or too expensive products for your skin.  Use a treatment for your skin; vitamin A and C or any kind of cocktail treatment. One of the most important skin care tip is to treat your skin gently. Be very gentle when you clean it, moisturize it or makeup on it. This will lessen the chance that you'll damage your skin and get wrinkles.
Keep your skin covered when you’re under the sun. Your skin will stay beautiful. Always eat fresh food and drink a lot of water; it will keep your skin alive. Your skin will glow if you have a balanced diet with the appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits and drinks.
Let go of stress. Stress can show up on your face skin, no matter how well you take care of your skin. Do something your enjoy every day, whether it's watching TV or going shopping. Your face skin reflects what's going on inside of your mind.

Teenage Cosmetics

Almost every girl has a cosmetic bag which she carries with herself to wherever she goes. There are a certain things that are a must-have to be in the collection of cosmetics of the teenage girls. 
In fact, the cosmetic bag which is also the emergency tool-kit of girls should always be equipped with a few basic things that are very feminine and always helpful to get any kind of look at any part of the day.

mascara, a face shimmer, a nice pink lip gloss and a blush on are a must have for the emergency tool kit of teenage girls. They add a spark to a girl’s face instantly and make her get all set for a party. The mascara is helpful in adding a volume and glamour to the eyes. It gives a proper look to the eye lashes and helps in the lengthening of the eye lashes. A face shimmer is there to make the face features get prominent and look more appealing while a blush on enhances the shape of a face by making the cheek bone get a bit prominent. 
Lastly, a lip gloss is surely a girl’s best friend because it completes the overall look by adding a perfect sexy touch to the face. All these cosmetics can be obtained within a very nominal range and they last for quite a long time. Companies like Cover Girl, Bonnebell etc are very popular amongst the teenage girls for their funky range of cosmetics. 
It is very important for teenage girls to know that they have a very delicate skin. The use of any low quality or harsh product can do a lot of damage to the skin which can result in blackheads, pimples, open pores and many other problems. Therefore, a minimum amount of make-up is advisable for teenage girls which not only helps in protecting the skin but also helps in not giving a very mature look to a teenage girl suddenly. 
Bright and floral tones of color are always preferable for girls. They give a very feminine and soft look to them; therefore, the girls should be open to experimentation with nice and bright shades. Eyes are the most preferable part for trying out the bright shades. But it should be remembered that you should not go over-board with the colors. A natural tone with a little glossy effect should be maintained. A lip gloss should always be chosen over a lipstick. Lipsticks are for mature women while, lip glosses are for trendy and young girls. A clear and transparent lip gloss is always the first choice but lip gloss in different shades of pink can also be selected. Hair is an important form of the overall look. The look is incomplete if your hair is not done well. For teenagers, different hairstyles always work well but keep your hairstyle as natural as possible. Avoid too much styling of your hair as it damages the hair very badly.
No doubt, cosmetics are very important for girls as they change the overall look and add a little spark to the personality. But for teenage girls the best cosmetic amongst all the cosmetics is innocence and being natural. Girls should try to keep themselves as natural as possible because their natural charm is their true beauty. Getting over dressed with lots of make-up never makes a girl stand out more than the natural look. Therefore, the use of cosmetics should be kept as minimal as possible and if needed, good quality herbal and chemical free cosmetics should be used to avoid any damage to the skin.

Hottest Winter 2010-2011 Handbags

Handbags are without a doubt one of the most stylish and practical accessories modern women use extensively on a daily basis. Each new season offers a variety of style options when it comes to accessories, offering women the opportunity to vary their look by making a simple change. Find out the hottest bag styles for the cold season.

The fall/winter season of 2010-2011 comes with a lot of bold and interesting choices we can use to create a trendy and modern look. In creating interest choosing the right type of accessories is an essential step. Considering the fact that accessories tend to be an accurate reflection of the main fashion trends, it can be relatively easy to predict at least some of the trends when it comes to handbags.

An interesting blend of luxury and opulence on the one hand and functionality and minimalistic designs on the other hand can be noticed if we start to analyze this year's fashion trend more closely. While it can seem quite challenging to understand how the two seemingly opposite concepts can merge together, designers from all over the world have come up with various ideas when it comes to the defining characteristics that the perfect handbag should have.

Fur insertions as well as animal prints are two of the defining characteristics of the fall winter season of 2010-2011 so seeing variations of these trends in handbags is quite natural. The idea of preserving the winter spirit and creating the impression of richness and luxury is illustrated perfectly at Chanel which has a variety of suggestions when it comes to embracing the fur trend that has become iconic for the season. 

Emporio Armani

On the other hand the most popular print of the season, the leopard print is also well represented in a variety of important collections such as Fendi or Emporio Armani. This type of print can a perfect choice for those who who want to show off their wild side while at the same time purchase a type of handbag that will withstand the test of time. If you do opt for this type of handbag make sure to spend a little more on a high quality bag as.

Envelope bags are another classic choice that will allow you to stand out this cold season as it can be a perfect choice for those who like minimalistic designs as well as for those who are in need for an accessory that attracts attention without being overpowering. Whether you opt for an elegant clutch or you go for an oversized version it can be simpler than ever before to find the best style option for you. If you are fan of classic designs checking out the creations of famous designers such as Antonio Marras or Marc Jacobs is an excellent alternative. 

Another type of bag that is essentially the one of the main stars of the season as far as handbags are concerned are cross body bags. Functional and very practical these types of bags are a great choice for casual outfits as well as outfits with a modern urban touch. Combining a great variety of textures as well as fabrics, the style choices for the season become very varied.

Marc Jacobs
Antonio Marras
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Roberto Cavalli

For those who want to step out of the normal routine a good option can be selecting a handbag with a distinct motif, like the one designed by Roberto Cavalli. This type of choice can immediately add a touch of originality to your outfits without too many efforts from your part. Moreover, admiration for certain cultures can become well represented this way without being too obvious. 

Opting for clearly defined cuts as well as details that create interest such as buckles can be another smart idea you can use to stay fashionable this season as well as to make a fashion investment that will allow you to stay fashionable on a day to day basis. With the great palette of choices that exist nowadays, updating your style becomes only a matter of creativity so take advantage of this season handbags trends to make a memorable fashion statement. 

Proenza Schouler
Miu Miu

2011 Winter Coat Trends

During the cold winter days we all need a comfortable and cozy overcoat to keep us warm and protect us against the wind outside. Whether is a cape, a military or aviator jacket, a parka, or a simple winter jacket, you should pay a lot of attention not only to the fabric or color, but also to the way it flatters your silhouette. Well, from this point of view you shouldn't worry as the 2011 winter coat trends come with a myriad of different styles and shapes where you can choose from. Take a look and draw your inspiration!

Now it's the perfect time for you to invest in the ideal coat and face winter in the sweetest and warmest way ever. Shearling or faux fur are some of this season's hottest fabrics, therefore it shouldn't be too hard finding the most suitable outerwear item for your taste, lifestyle, and body shape. Yes, it is important to take into consideration various aspects when choosing your coat as you might wear it a few months or even seasons. What are your favorites? Here's a list of the 2011 winter hottest overcoats for you to consider. 

This winter, if you want to be trendy, you can play a bit and choose a cape. When it comes to outerwear, the cape is this season's hottest item. It is so versatile and practical allowing you to match and mix different styles and shapes. Even though it might look rather difficult to wear it, in reality it is easier than one might think, especially if you follow a few basic rules. First of all, you should know that the longer version of the cape (knee length) can be worn only with high heels in order to flatter your silhouette and enhance your qualities. As for the shorter version, this one can be teamed with flat shoes, such as a pair of loafers. If you go for the second variant, don't forget the ankle socks, which are so “in” this season. 

Giambattista Valli
Salvatore Ferragamo

Yves Saint Laurent

Camel coat
It is already known the fact that camel is the hottest color of the season. Used for different clothing items, camel works great for coats too. In fact, what can look more sophisticated and elegant than a camel overcoat? Seen on many fashion shows as the maximum choice for femininity and refinement, the camel coat can be best completed by accessories that come in contrast with it, such as brown tones. Therefore, don't be afraid to invest in one, especially if you are tall and thin as you can wear it with flats and add a belt in order to create a more structured allure.

The famous parka tends to become a classic as it seems to come back season after season without being considered the hottest trend. Besides the fact that it is among the most important coat trends, the parka is so flattering for petite figures, especially if it is worn with a pair of high-heeled shoes or boots. However, pay a lot of attention if you are wearing dresses or skirts underneath as they shouldn't be too visible. The number one parka for 2011 winter is the one having a furry collar. 


Stella McCartney
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Military and aviator jackets
This season you can be both sexy and tough due to one stylish trend that became extremely popular: military-chic. Therefore, if you want to keep up with the trends, you must invest in a military jacket. This doesn't have to be khaki or green, but since red came back among the fall/winter 2010-2011 hottest color trends, you can choose a red coat with a military touch. Moreover, we shouldn't forget the aviator jacket that could be seen on numerous runway shows. You can choose the shearling version for a maximum trendy effect. The best thing about this jacket is that you can pair it with fine, diaphanous fabrics like chiffon, lace or silk. 

Furry coats
With fur remaining one of designers' most loved fabric, it is impossible not to have one furry coat into your wardrobe. Fur is not only cozy, keeping you warm against the cold outside, but also stylish and chic. Moreover, if properly matched, you can obtain a daring rock outfit. As for the all animal lovers, they shouldn't worry as designers seem to love faux fur as most of them have used it for their collections. 

Dries Van Noten
Burberry Prorsum


Stylish Winter Hat Trends 2011

Complete your fashionista wardrobe with the must have headwear styles of the season. These stylish winter hat trends 2011 will provide you with the best inspiration on how to select the most dapper accessories to crown your chic winter outfit. Beanies, stylish knit as well as fur hats are perfect to make a real style statement with your up-to-date look. 

The cold season encourages us to sport some of the traditional hair accessories in their most versatile and colorful style to protect our body from the icy windy. Those who wish ti stay versed with the latest style trends will have the chance to take a closer glimpse at the stylish winter hat trends 2011 presented below. These hat styles will not only keep us from getting cold but will also add a more youthful and chic vibe to our cold season wardrobe. Those who are fascinated by the power of accessories will be glad to experiment with the faddish fur, knit as well as other fabulous headwear designs.

  • Beanies come in endless shades and fabrics as the all time must have accessory of the winter. Either in its simple version or decorated with a pom-pom these stylish accessories would definitely perk up your look and boost your mood. Thanks to their universal quality these would suit all face shapes and hair lengths. Pair your long or midi and also short crop with a beanie in the shade that best complement your hair and skin tone. Choose from the neutral and uniform styles or go for the most cheerful and printed designs for a more colorful impression. Place the beanie to the desired spot and leave out your bangs if you have to flash the cool structure of your haircut.

  • Fur hats, contrary to all the debates and controversies are considered some of the key fashion trendsof the season. Wear the ones that are created of faux fur and try your hand at the classy and more modern designs. From the trapper hat to the cute dainty styles all will suit the ever changing preferences of fashionista. Take a glimpse at these cute examples to know how to rock out the faux fur hat trend. Indeed the sporty designs can be paired with casual chic outfits whereas the more urbane chic styles would look just fabulous with more formal or business chic attires.