Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Wear Hijab in Trendy Styles
A Hijab can be worn in so many Trendy or Traditional ways, here I will try to display some of my favorites in the hope to add many more inshallah in the near future. I will display Shawls, Square scarves & Amira Hijabs.

New Wrap Style#1:

  • Start by placing a full underscarf on your head as this style requires neck coverage. Or you can use a regular underscarf and wear a turtleneck
  • Place shawl on you head with end much longer than the other
  • Pin the shawl to the underscarf on both sides of your head near where your brows line ends
  • Bring longer end of shawl loosely under your chin and wrap it around above your head and re-use same pin to secure in place
New wrap Style#2:

  • Start by wearing an underscarf

  • Place shawl on your head with both ends in equal lengths and tie behind your neck once or twice

  • Place a slim scarf on your head and tie behind your neck under the shawl as shown in picture#2

  • Braid the accent slim scarf with the shawl and tie with a headband of a scrunchie in matching colors.

  • This is one of my favorites and I do personally get compliments when wearing it.

  • Note: This is of course worn with a turtleneck or if you prefer start the style by using a full underscarf and no turtleneck and you achieve the same look. 

  • New Wrap Style#3:

     New Wrap Style#4:

    • Place shawl on your head with one end much longer than the other
    • Tie at the bottom of your neck
    • Bring longer end above your head (you can also twist it) all the way to the other side of your head
    • Tie 2 ends together
    • This is ideal for wearing on special occasions
    • This was done using a 17"x60" scarf from my collection
    • Please note that wearing this scarf will only work if you are wearing a turtlneck, either a regular one during the winter or a sleevless or mock turtlneck during the summer time

    • Fold scarf into 2 triangles with one triangle smaller that the other (if you have a smaller scarf)
    • Place scarf on head with one side longer than the other and secure with a pin under your chin
    • Take longer side and bring it to the other side and secure with a brooch or a pin
    • This was done using a 34"x34" square scarf from my collection
    • If you want more neck area coverage you can use a 40"x40" scarf

    • Start by wearing an underscarf and a turtleneck for neck coverage or a full underscarf (displayed here) that covers the neck area.
    • Tie the scarf in half to make 2 equal sized triangles and place on head.
    • Tie behind your ears just like a bandana
    • This was done using a 34"x34" square scarf but can be done with small or larger scarves.