Sunday, February 6, 2011

Modern Bathroom Designs from Rexa

Rexa may have born very recently but its collections are par excellence. With a vision of having long-lasting bathrooms, this Italian company has carved a niche for itself in the world of bathroom manufacturers. Having introduced a number of new materials, the bathrooms which are part of the collections are spacious with freestanding, built-in bathtubs.
These concept bathrooms are inspired by the theme ‘Space Navigation’ where the entire collection beautifully comes together as each piece is vividly defined by the curves and smoothness. Everything found in these bathrooms is made of Korakril which guarantees sturdiness, hygiene, static-protection and resistance from lighting and stain.
Rexa designs are powerful and effective. They have encapsulated the essence of good taste and great quality.
You could take inspiration from the bathroom collections available in-house. You could also play with different hues of blue, grey and brown. But if I was you, I would stick to the classy, timeless white exteriors which are shown below.
SNAG 0015
SNAG 0014
SNAG 0013
SNAG 0012
SNAG 0011
SNAG 0010
SNAG 0009
SNAG 0008
SNAG 0007
SNAG 0006
SNAG 0005
SNAG 0004
SNAG 0003

10 Beautiful Bedroom Designs

If you are a regular follower, you will know that we occasionally compile a list of beautiful designs for a particular room or space. Sometimes we make these posts cover general topics like foyers or bathrooms but occasionally we go as specific as to even deal with a specific colour like green living rooms or white dining rooms. This post about bedrooms is actually quite random. We just compiled a list of beautiful bedrooms we saw around the net of late.
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bedroom with tub
Bedroom with tub visualized by Semsa
bedroom jacuzzi
A view from the same bedroom (but from the other side)
cream colored bedroom
Cream coloured bedroom by Nemanja
The following three bedroom concepts are by c4 grafx, Germany.
bedroom wall art
Artistic, with Wall Art
modern bedroom with plants
Very Modern, check out how the lighting shows up the details on the wall surface at the back.
purple feminine bedroom
Distinctly Feminine, Purple(Unusual?)
bedroom painting focus
The focus is the painting here. Very overpowering. [Design by Nitin Mahale]
classic bedroom design
Soft, Fresh & Classic. [Design by Ferry Sugianto]
modern chinese bedroom
Modern, but still with an oriental flavour. [Design by Ardie Prasetya]
bedroom posters
An ordinary room, brought to life by huge wall prints. [Design by Irina]
surreal bedroom with great view
A surreal bedroom with great view. [Design by 421media]

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas from Pearl Baths

There is nothing better to calm those jittery nerves than a soothing bath. Scented candles, refreshing salts and oil and some music in the background are sure to revitalize your senses. However, your experience will be incomplete without a perfect bathroom set.
Pearl Baths have introduced contemporary and traditional bathroom design ideas that are sure to steal a few looks. These designs have a rich mix of serene colors and textures that help you enjoy the perfect bath.
These ideas can come in handy for those thinking to remodel their bathrooms or for those who are building them up from scratch. Either way, these beautiful bathroom designs can work wonders for your home.
chic bath
contemporary bath