Saturday, December 18, 2010

Color Trends Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011

Not only clothing trends you should know to stay in fashion but color trends, too. So, I took my time to prepare a list of colors that make upColor Trends for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. Read and remember these to be ready for your next shopping trip.

Black. Considering the fact we are getting ready for colder seasons it is quite clear why designers paid more attention to darker colors. And it’s not surpising at all that black was the most popular. It’s classic, slimming and always looks elegant.

White. Too much of dark isn’t good. So, white, as a great contrast to black, was nearly everywhere. Why not? It’s cute, feminine and gives a fantastic opportunity to make the world lighter and more exhilarating. Go for this color trend and have a better mood for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011!

Red. This color is the sexiest of all. Woman in red is certainly in the center of attention. And isn’t that what we all strive for?

Yellow. This color isn’t very trendy this season but it appears from time to time in Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collections. And you know what? It looks fabulous! So, if you are ready to experiment you can create amazing looks with this tint.

Beige. This tone has always been a trend. It is perfect to combine with other colors and looks neat and sophisticated. When wearing this hue you look good no matter where you are. Beige is a top trend for Fall/ Winter 2010/2011!

Blue. Blue is hot for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. And you can find variation of it in multiple designer ranges. From light delicate blue to dark saturated and even midnight blue – this trend will work just perfectly for the fashion season.

Pink. Pink is girlie and wailing. If you suddenly get tired of all dull winter tones try a pink garment to boost your mood! It always works.

Grey. There are colors that are ideal for certain weather. So, grey is a perfect option for rainy fall and muddy winter. This color trend is essential for the upcoming fashion season.

Orange. Just like red and pink this hue is to brigten up you day, to draw everybody’s attention and to have fun. Go for it and look and feel trendy this 2010 Fall.

Brown. Brown is neutral and this makes it a must-have for your wardrobe. Things in brown usually become staples and serve you for long. Thus, invest into a nice piece you will want to have forever.

Green. Green is a color we miss a lot during cold months. So, a green coat or pants or anything will help you bring good memories of summer and spring. Try the green color trend and remind yourself of invigorating spring mornings!

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