Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner is an effective makeup product which gives definition to your eyes. You can use eyeliner in numerous ways to create your own style. From the dramatic eye makeup of the retro era to the more chic, glamorous modern day look, you can follow absolutely any makeup style, with the help of an eyeliner. Eyeliner styles are primarily decided by taking into account the desired look and the natural shape of your eyes. Given below are eyeliner styles for eye shape of all kinds. More on applying eyeliner tips.

Eyeliner Styles and Designs

Classic Fashion Look
This eyeliner style is reminiscent of old Hollywood diva like Audrey Hepburn. This is a simple yet glamorous style, which gives your eyes a well defined look. This look works best on nude eyes. If you must, apply an eyeshadow in natural color. Using an eyeliner brush, draw a thin line beginning from the inner eye corner. Continue it till the end and let it flip upward at the end. Draw another line to add thickness to the first line. In this look, the focus is only on the upper eyelid. More on
applying eyeliner to top lid.

Cat Eye Look
You will need a liquid eyeliner to create this look. Using a brush of eyeliner draw a smooth line on the upper eyelid which flips upwards. Now, draw a similar line starting from the inner eye corner of the lower eyelid. Extend this line to meet the flipped line of the upper eyelid. Apply a dark eyeshadow or smudge the eyeliner in the portion where the two line meet. This is one of the best eyeliner styles for small eyes as it renders a wide eyed look for small eyes. More on
dramatic eye makeup ideas.

Smoky Eyed Look
Along with an eyeliner, you'll also need an eyeshadow of a complementing color for this look. Pencil eyeliner is best suited for this job as the overall emphasis is on creating a smoky look. In fact, you can create this look even with an eyeshadow alone. Draw a thin line with an eyeliner or an eyeshadow brush. Blend it well with the color of eyeshadow applied on the eyelids. This smudged, smoky look instantly changes you into a glamorous diva.

Funky Look
You can simply swap your neutral eyeliner to a new funky shade. Lime green, electric blue, purple, pink can all give you the desired funky look. Do not forget to apply a similar shade of eye shadow to complete the look. While going for this look take into account the color of your eyes, and only then choose a suitable eyeliner.

Natural Look
Natural look is far different from makeup free look. Natural makeup relies on the use of neutral colors, to accentuate the natural features. So, if you want to give a natural look to your eyes, use a neutral colored eyeliner, usually a pencil liner. It smudges the line slightly, so that the look appears more natural. Natural look is one of the best eyeliner styles for big eyes, as it accentuates the natural shape of

Eyeliner styles should be selected as per your natural eye color, theme of the makeup, your complexion and of course, your age. Dramatic or funky eyeliner styles do not look good on older ladies. Also, the emphasis should be on highlighting your natural eye shape rather than the boundaries of eyeliner. Lastly, your eye makeup should be always in sync with the rest of your makeup.
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