Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Your Makeup Last longer

Eye and lips are the two most important points of the face and
 they should be enhanced with particular care so they become a showstopper.
Makeup is used to make your beautiful face look even more beautiful and enhance the good features of your face and make you look more attractive.
Following are some tips for beautiful eyes lips makeup. Nothing is bad than having your makeup melts or fades throughout the day. So follow the advice to help your makeup last all day.
  • Apply a primer for elegant eyes eye makeup.
  • Applying primer before your foundation will help set your beautiful eyes lips makeup. It also creates a hurdle between your skin and your cosmetics. Therefore the oils of your skin won't break up themakeup and cause creasing.
  • Use powder for beautiful eyes lips makeup.
  • Use a powder puff or big brush to add a light dusting of translucent powder to your beautiful eyes lips makeup. The powder will set your makeup and give you a perfect finish.
  • Set your eye makeup for elegant eyes eye makeup.
  • Apply eye shadow primer or pressed powder to your eyelid before applying any eye shadow for elegant eyes eye makeup. This base will stop your eye shadow from creasing or melting.
  • Fill up in your lips.
  • To make your lipstick last much longer, line your lips with a lip pencil and then fill in your full lips with the liner. Apply a matte lipstick, and after that blot your lips with a tissue. Add a second coat of lipstick in a more glossy lipstick.

Easy Makeup Tips for Eye Shaping

Simple eye make up tips to shape up your eyes in the way you want them to look.
Eyes are the most prominent and delicate feature of our face. Applying glamorous eye makeup will enhance the body and definition of your eyes, but correct makeup application is bit tricky to do. Eye shadow is considered as the most beloved and attractive part of makeup which can do magic with your looks. The choice of eye shadows should be made according to the shape and color of eyes.
The appropriate strokes of eye makeup can do wonders with your eyes by visually changing their shape in seconds. Eye shaping is the fiddliest thing to do in eye makeup, but once you will follow our easy eye makeup tips for eye shaping, this will no more be problematic for you.
Eye Shaping for Close-Set Eyes
For the close-set eyes, eye makeup is used to make eyes look further apart. To enhance the width between the eyes, the outer corners of the eyes should be more highlighted with the intense color eye shadow, with thicker eyeliner stroke and with the mascara thickening coat. You can widen the space between your eyebrows by plucking and extending the brows with brow pencil at the ends.
Eye Shaping for Wide-Set eyes
For wide-set eyes, eye makeup is used to reduce the space between both eyes. The inner corner of eyes should be emphasized to make eyes closer together by using darker colors. The eyebrows should be made little closer to nose with the help of eye pencil and thin line of eyeliner should be applied.
Eye Shaping for Almond Eyes
Almond eyes are considered as an ideal shape for experimenting different eye makeup looks. The easiest eye makeup tips for almond eyes are to apply light/neutral eye shadow on the lid, followed by dark color on outer corner. Blend the shades properly and if you want your almond eyes to give a round look, stop eyeliner before the outer corner of the eye. Define more volume by using mascara on upper lashes on outer corners.
Eye Shaping for Small eyes
Women with small eyes always look out for eye makeup that enriches the look of their eyes and make them more prominent. To attain a look of larger eyes, the eye makeup tip is to apply pastel/light shadow on the eyelids, followed by medium-toned color in the creases. To make the eyes prominent, apply highlighting shade under the brow.
To enhance the visual appearance of eyes, line upper and lower lids with soft-colored eyeliner. Enhance eyebrows and apply black mascara on upper and lower lashes.
With our easy eye makeup tips you can effortlessly add glamour to your eyes by using simple eye makeup products and techniques for eye shaping.

Eye Cosmetic protection

Avoid using eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection or the skin around the eye is reddened. Wait until the area is cured. Discard any eye cosmetics you were using when you got the virus.
Eye cosmetics are intended to make eyes more beautiful, or in some cases to cleanse the eye area. One thing they shouldn't do is cause injury. Most are safe when used the eye cosmetics correctly. However, there are some things to be careful about when using these eye cosmetics, such as the risk of infection, the risk of injury from the applicator, and the use of unapproved color additives.
Eye cosmetics are usually safe when you buy them, but mistreating them can allow dangerous bacteria or fungi to grow in them. Then, when applied to the eye area, a cosmetic can cause an illness. In rare cases, women have been for the time being or permanently blinded by an infection from an eye cosmetic.
Don't share or exchange eye cosmetics -- not even with your best friend. Another person's germs may be harmful to you. The risk of contamination may be even greater with "testers" at retail stores, where a number of people are using the same mock-up product. If you feel you must sample cosmetics at a retail shop, make sure they are applied with single-use applicators, such as clean cotton swabs.

Funky stoles are big hit this season than dupattas

Warmly wrapped dupatta around swanky dress figures something that has stayed as tradition and requirement of Eastern women fashion trend for so long. Gradually with changing fashion trends dupattahas also undergone drastic changes in designs and shapes.
Funky stoles are this season’s big hit than dupattas. They herald same femininity as dupattas do with their full romance pampering youngish girl and grown women and increasing their beauty and style.
This era of fashion upgrading has lifted neck wrapping clothing as well. Where dupatta is a complete fashion statement stoles are modish that endow glamour to ordinary women and mark her style statement distinctly. Women traditional fashion clothing including shalwar qameezsarilehenga andsharara is ornamented with sequined or embroidereddupattas though the women fashion apperals are now more than these-pants with kurta, bell bottoms with long shirts and trousers with stylish blazers are the dress codes that ask for something enhancing gloomy look and appreciatingWestern suiting. Hence, what else is demanding than a stole sophisticatedly wrapped around head or worn in neck likeascot style.
  • Designs and prints of women fashion stoles
Silk chiffon stole, animal print stole, velvet stole, fur stoles, crocheted stoles, fiji frolic stole, sensational stole, tropical pastels stole, bold stripes stole, nautical stole, fringed stole, kathmandu stole, buttoned stole, netted stole, tied dyed stole, glittery stole, ruffled stole, ostrich boa stole, silk crinkle stole and more numerous designs are there in women fashion stoles.
  • Styles of women fashion stoles
Long length stolessquare stole and triangular stoles are the main styles of women fashion stoles but long length stole serve as warmly as a friendly shawl in winter. it can be tied around neck in variety of ways bestowing excitement and bold look to your charming dress.
  • Fabrics for women fashion stoles
Any of these fabrics can be selected regarding the stuff your dress is going such as cotton stoles, georgette stoles, banarsi stoles, pashmina stoles, woolen stoles, viscose stoles, cashmere stoles, polyester stoles, embroidered stoles and diamenated stoles.
Many fashion designers are creating abstract stoles for women that may be easily replaced with any sort of dress and provide same modish persona as dupattas do with their blossom.

Hippy Boucle Aloha Stole Silk Ombre Silver StolePlain Woven Ivory StoleMoody Blues Rose Print Sequin Stole
Sparkle Metallic Lurex Woven StolePlain Woven Silver Stole

Feel proud of your hands

Manicure is a must. But, if going to a salon isn’t possible for you, no worries at all! Pamper your fingers using the following tip and feel heavenly.

Take a bowl and add some luke warm water in it and a few drops of rose water or a perhaps drops of lemon or limejuice. If you want to add a more special touch to your session, add some lovely smelling rose petals, put on your favorite music or movie. Keep your hands soaked in the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. The pleasing results will surely bring a big smile on your face.

A coat of nutritive oil for your nails is a brilliant idea. Try using almond oil, apricot oil, castor oil, any nuts oils for this matter, and augment it further by adding a few drops of Vitamin E (available in a capsule form). Massage in the cuticles and leave it on your hands for 5-10 minutes. Push the cuticles with a nail stick. File your nails properly in the shape you like.

Now, you can polish your nails with your favorite nail polish.

Feel the difference yourself following this simple yet effective nail and hand care tip. Repeat this treatment once a week to maintain the stunning look of your hand and nails.

Appealing Hair Style trends 2011

The arrival of New Year 2011 marks the change in hair cut and hair style trends. When it comes to hair, thegreat hair style and haircut will look poor and unorganized; if you are not following proper hair styling tips to carry your look. The year 2011 calls for the hair style trends that are all about revivals and calling back good times.
Similar to haircut trends 2010, the hair style trends 2011 will also welcome the stylish and chic looks of 60s and 70s. The hair style trends 2011 are inspired from the short haircuts of the 1960s and the mid-length and long hair style trends of 1970s.
  • Long Hair style trends 2011:
The Fall/Winter 2011 hairstyle trends wholeheartedly welcome very long natural, with both the textures of curly and straight. To get yourself stylized with your long hair, the best hair styling tips are to put aside all the harmful tools and prefer the effortless looks that you can have with your dramatic flowing hair.
According to our hair styling tips, the middle-parting look totally looks hot in long hair. Our hair styling tips for square-faced ladies are to make their long hair shoulder blade length without layers and not thinned out.
  • Short Hair style trends 2011:
Waved bob:
In the 2011 hair style trends, waved bob is back with a bang, specifically with a flattering fringe. For those who already have a bob haircut, our hair styling tips can prove amazingly advantageous to them. To make yourself chic according tohair style trends of 2011, you can have waved bob hairstyle by adding a fringe to your look.
The Bangs is among those hair style trends that have retained their place in the haircut trends of 2010 as well as 2011. The Bangs look amazingly hot on women with short hairs, as it gives a classy modish look to their length.
Super-short is the perfect hair style trends, particularly for winter. The hairstyling tips for super short hair cut is to enhance your look according to your mood and requirement. You can take advantage of your super short hair by usinghair styling tips to give yourself a playful look or a passionate appearance.
Besides self-confidence and creativity, these hair style trends enhance the beauty of your face.
  • Medium-length Hair style trends 2011:
The bob is back, but hair style trends 2011 has some good news for medium-length hair, as it sports a fringe and bangs to give you an elegant yet skittish look. The short-layered bob is the absolute perfect for winter hair style trends 2011; however, you can sport the same layered look in your medium-length hair. The layered hair style trends are mostly chosen by the women, as they are easy to style, practical and suits great for every face shape.

New 'Lumières Byzantines' Palette by Chanel

New 'Lumières Byzantines' Palette by Chanel
Karl Lagerfeld's collection 'Paris-Byzance' pre-fall 2011 for Chanel represented the starting point for this fabulous makeup palette created by Peter Philips, global creative director for Chanel Makeup. The palette contains five cream makeup products that can be used as an eyeshadow or face highlighter. 

Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's collection 'Paris-Byzance' pre-fall 2011 for Chanel, the legendary brand revealed the latest limited edition creation made by Peter Philips, creative director for Chanel Makeup. 

'An ode to Istanbul and the rich Byzantine stonework aesthetic', the pre-fall show presented stunning, sophisticated outfits, perfectly matched with one of a kind jewelries inspired by Coco Chanel's love for the Byzantine style. 

In order to pay tribute to the work of Métiers d'Arts of Chanel, Philips imagined a makeup palette of five cream highlighters called ' Lumières Byzantines', drawing his inspiration from the baroque jewelry made by Maison Goosens for Gabrielle Chanel during the 1950s. This special makeup palette that can be used both as a highlighter or eye shadow comes in a compact packaging, having a creamy texture. According to 'Vogue' Paris only 1,500 of these palettes have been made.

The absolutely unique palette flawlessly combines magical shades that seem to take you in a fantastic world. Every color plays its role in this amazing story. The lighter color in the middle is used to bring luminosity to your eyes, the golden shade can be applied on the mobile lid, the lower color can be used on the inner corner of the eyes, while the metallic brown can be worn as eyeliner. Last but not least, the shade on the right brings magic and glow on your cheekbones. 

Karl Lagerfeld's annual Métiers D'Art collection was called this year 'Paris - Byzance' and it was related to Coco Chanel's first collection of costume jewelery, launched in the 1920s, which was based on Byzantine artwork. Black coats with tight-fitting cuts, golden embroideries, millinery, feathers, two-toned boots and slim-cut, conic pants represented the main concepts of the collection.Accessories are characterized by extravagance, yet a specific refinement. 

As for makeup, this was chosen in order to perfectly complete the collection. Peter Philips said that the show's makeup was inspired by the mosaic portrait of Theodora, the Empress of the Byzantine Empire Mosaic from the Saint-Vital de Ravenne Basilica. “The portrait gave me a focus point: the red eye shadow/liner that she wears on the arch of her eyebrows. This look is all about light and rich textures. The choreography between gold, bronze, black and red can be easily personalized according to the desires of each woman.” 

Stylish Manicure Ideas

Stylish Manicure Ideas

Our hands and especially our nails are the best visiting card. They can say a lot about ourselves and our lifestyle. We have to keep them clean and well taken care of. Whether we choose a simple manicure or, on the contrary, something more special and complicated, it is important to always have impeccable nails. Besides, with all the manicure styles available it is more than easy to find the most stylish manicure ideas.
When it comes to manicure, we sometimes tend to forget about this part. However, as hands and nails play a crucial role in our overall aspect, we should always make sure they look flawless. Nowadays, there are a myriad of possibilities where to choose from, whether you do the manicure yourself, at home, or you go to a professional. If you are not so much into the colorful nail art ideas or different embellishments, you can always have at your disposal more simple variants with healthy looking nails. You only need some practice in order to finally get to the result you are searching for.

The easiest way to keep your nails clean and tidy is to sport the basic type of manicure. This is the easiest and the most versatile choice as it can be adapted to any outfit or occasion. Simple manicure is the one that allows you to do the manicure yourself without a beautician's help. A transparent nail polish or a simple nail art that implies soft, neutral colors works amazing on every event and it is less challenging for you. 

For a night out with your friends or for the holiday season, you can try a glittery or a metallic nail polish. First, you need to polish your nails and give them the shape you want, remove cuticles and moisturize your hands. Next, you have to apply nail polish that usually includes three phases. Start by applying a base coat that protects your nails from the damage nail polish might cause. Then, apply two coats of nail polish in the color you like and as a final step you need a shiny coat in order to fix nail polish. 

French manicure represents probably one of the most simple, yet extremely sophisticated and chic manicure style that managed to remain timeless despite all trends. It can be done on natural, long nails or on artificial ones. French manicure first appeared in the 18th century and became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Throughout time this style reinvented itself season after season, replacing the classic soft pink and white combination with bolder versions that implied embellishments or gemstones and other different patterns. When deciding for a French manicure, make sure you avoid too much white on the tip of the nail as it can create a rather unnatural look. 

The classic French manicure is already a legendary style and it became famous due to its amazing versatility offering a polished and refined look. You have the possibility to depart from the accepted French manicure standard and choose colorful versions. You can also take everything to the next level and put your nail artist skills to the test by trying more complex patterns. As a special occasion requires something extraordinary, the half moon style, popular in the 1930s, works great. It is also known as the reversed French manicure. 
One of the manicure trends that highly gain popularity during the last years is the one including various embellishments, gemstones, flowers with amazing patterns and prints. Decorating your nails is the most complicated type of nail art and it implies professional skills and tools, but also creativity. This is a style that manages to materialize even the most unimaginable designs. It is a real fantasy manicure that brings to life psychedelic nail arts. 

You can choose the Kawaii nail art design or the latest trends with stickers of the most famousfashion brands, such as Chanel, Miu Miu or Yves Saint Laurent. Kawaii nails are extremely sweet and creative, but also really hard to make. The Japanese style features different applications, such as fruits, bows, hearts, teddy bears, cupcakes, among others. They are the perfect choice for girly, playful styles. On the other hand, if you want something unique, yet rather simple, go for a duo nail design, which strongly resembles to the French manicure, or an animal print design.