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Shoe Trends that Will Rock the Fashion Circuit in the Winter 2011

Shoes play great roles in making an individual, especially woman, look more captivating and it is needless to state that the wrong selection is certain to jeopardize the entire prospect. What should be done then? You have got to remain acquainted with reigning trends in order to remain in a rushing flow of style. For all these reasons, at the moment, you have to remain familiar with shoe styles for the forthcoming season. Here we are speaking of the shoe trends in Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. Commit to memory, in accordance with sources, the saga of shoes is going to attain new heights in the forthcoming season and pertinent brands, in profusion, are all set to take the world by storm.

Some of the most acclaimed styles that are surely going to be talk of the town before long include fur boots, laced-up boots, shoes with buckles, stiletto shoes and others. What makes the fur boots do desirable? Well, the one and only and also the best answer happens to be is that the winter season often gets unbearable in several countries across the planet and in that case, fur boots can render the greatest safety in tandem with needed warmth. It has been learnt that both Channel and Lanvin are gearing up to make spellbound with their innovative fur boots. Is there any girl who can refuse this temptation?

How can we miss the other ones? Laces, without a shred of doubt, are getting more and more popular with the passing of each week. As a result, laced-up boots fashion comes as not any surprise to people in Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011. There is hardly any doubt that this form of shoe happens to be exceedingly cozy and also appears great. What can be said of shoes with buckles? It is also set to prevail over in the coming Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 season and on the word of experts, buckles do appear attention-grabbing and render awesome endorsement along with obsession for foot. However, there is a small quandary. Similar to laced-up boots, there is the need of time to pull shoes with buckles off.

Do you love stiletto shoes? Many people are found to opt for the same, the question is asked, hence. Truly, it is not simple to be clad in these shoes but it is irrefutable that they look stunning. Stilettos are on hand in both boots and shoes styles and with spike heels. As a result, these do appear womanly and perfectly elegant. Do you want to know of others too? Make an extensive online research.

Top Ways to Select the Right Maxi Dress

Definitely affection of women for gowns or long dresses hail from conformity or else they would not have been found to go for those mostly in formal occasions. But little do women know that maxi dresses can also make them as charming as they want apart from appearing fabulous and trendy. Perhaps you are also in search of such a dress for long years.

Nevertheless, there is also the need of precise selection of dresses at one fell swoop or else the entire endeavor would come to an abrupt end soon. It should also be noted that each maxi dress is not suitable for every one. It does vary from women to women and depends on basic attributes of the user to a large extent.
Do you know that long dresses or skirts look awkward for short women? Now, if you are short, and desiring to appear sexy and also trendy, go for the dress that does fit you fine and hold your figure close. Dresses focusing on waists can be ideal for you. Do one thing; go for dresses containing monotone fabrics. These can be anything ranging from black to purple will be the best. But you must also steer clear of horizontal stripes together with hefty patterns. These are not appropriate for women of diminutive heights. Try to make the most of high heels as well. it is fitting for short women wearing maxi dresses.
What can be done if you are a woman with luscious shape? In any such case, your first and foremost task is to settle on dresses having extensive straps. The only reason is that thin straps are known for making breast seem better. Remember both large patterns and dark monotone colors make one more tight-fitting with respect to vision. Any type of baggy dress is not good for you in this case. Dresses remaining between tight and loose-fitting ones are suitable for women who are both slim and tall.
Now the question remains how to be dressed in a maxi dress. It is easier than you can believe even! But no mistake should be made at this time too. Bear in mind any appearance depends on the creation only; nothing does take place on its own. Accessories are important in this case; open-toe shoes or sandals are simply the best to add on glamour to maxi dresses. Any addition of pumps or low-cut shoe without fastenings, in this case, is an awful mistake.
Lastly, go for maxi dress that appears simply outstanding with scarves and dark glasses.

Fashion 2011 | Burberry Prorsum Pre – Fall 2010 Winter 2011

Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey mined Burberry’s military heritage for the Prorsum pre-fall 2010 winter 2011 season with a battalion of weatherproof wool felt coats cinched with chunky belts, leather and shearling aviator jackets, and gabardine trenches. “This collection is anchored in history, and what you’re seeing is a roll-call of Burberry outerwear,” said the designer. “I love mixing different decades ­— but using modern fabrics.” He said the brand’s new social networking Web site,, got him thinking about the ways Burberry trenches have been worn over the years.

But there are soft edges, too, with Victorian elements, such as silk dresses overlaid with delicate lace and even lace-covered trenches. And Bailey easily brings hard and soft together: Wool sweaters have silky bow-shaped epaulets, while bows and ruffles take the edge off sharply tailored skirts and peplums add flourish to military-inspired suit jackets. Colors range from brooding dark greens and blacks to khaki and nude.

Men Fashion 2011 | Burberry Prorsum Pre – Fall 2010

Inspired through Burberry’s extensive heritage in military-inspired design, Burberry Prorsum offer a look into its pre-Fall 2010 winter 2011 collection.

Women’s Winter Coats Fashion 2011

With womens coats winter chilly winding and hopeless days, it is patent that season is reaching. It is the instance for every lover to love out her winter coats and educate her furniture for the womens rooted coats temperature of the winter period. Tho’ a gloomy day it is, season beggary not be a balk winter to modify a friend lower faddy in her getup. In fact, it is womens the clip coats for the most breathless fashion evince that involves all group in inhumane countries and regions.

Womens winter coats move in distinct styles to beseem one’s feeling, persona, and preferences. Luckily, gorgeous styles womens are upcoming to coats let season you expose your own practice evidence time possession you excitable.
For a concern black, state fille, and those who are sensing for cagy vesture, the camel cover suits womens you someone. The classic coats call of this cover is a certain way to alter you see voguish and shiny. The elegance of this winter dress makes every excavation woman face updated without womens state too stylish.
On the separate coats clapping, the parka call covering is major for careless life and laid-back moments. Ordinarily, it comes with a switch hood, poker tab list up sleeves, tie pockets, womens and a zip-up anterior. The call coats is perfect when you season poorness to honourable cozy up, yet ease seem last.

Full Skirt Fashion Trend 2011

If you look back into the past, you will find that full skirt designs were made giving attention to breezy texture and at the same time, maintaining the fine line so that the ladies can get a proper fit with those dresses. The full skirt fashion trend 2011 is such type of styles that resembles tradition of decades that were found earlier and intended to represent old time fashion with the earliest innovations.

These full skirts have almost become the trend of the days and you can almost stock up a wardrobe with this sort of full skirts. Rest assured that you will be able to flaunt your figure like never before with such much-in-trend costumes that have wooed the fashion conscious folks with their vivacious styles and sensuous cuts.
Retro-effective designs are becoming prominent both in respect to men and women’s fashion. So it is the right occasion to go for a tour in the field of fabrics with uber-sophisticated textures and designs of classic nature. You may get acquainted with the very spectacular and waves of the uptown styles of full skirt fashion trend 2011 that will help bring out one’s feminine attraction and will extend the right means to show your curves and the best outlook of one’s figure.
Again, when it comes to skirts, full length ones simply take away the cherry on the cake. The safest option to match a full-length skirt is a stylish corset. It can either be in a single-shade or for that matter; you can opt for lacy ones for that overtly feminine look. You need to be very careful while choosing the skirts and tops. One has to be kept in her mind about the parameter of one’s lower part of the body and find out the proper design in its volume and size to substitute one’s feature.
In addition to that, one should try to look with classy pumps and style to resemble the past heritages and keeping the neat lining of one’s dresses. Jewelleries and handbag is the similar thing like cherries on the top of the cake and one should not forget to keep those things with her. Imitating some features of the celebrities who gave a great importance to the trend of the full skirt is a better option. Nevertheless, the collections of Prada or Louis Vuitton moreover encourage one to remain attached with the vintage pieces of past days and enliven the memories of those days and with ideal apparel. This will also resemble with retro inspired pattern and use of fabric.

Snake Print Trends – Sizzle with the Vibrant Skins

Fashion depends on the individual personality and one’s own choices. Choosing the right kind of clothing is very essential and it must be done with lot of thought and planning. It must be remembered that not all prints or colors will look good on everybody. Hence the selection and choosing takes a big role. In this particular area internet can be of major help. As we all know that internet is a huge medium that provides us with huge amount of info and data about the clothing and fashion that is appropriate during the year 2011.

Cyber space provides umpteen amounts of data and facts about the fashion trends. There are many related websites that help by providing related data and info about the products. So you can choose the best out of all the data that is available and use it accordingly. This is an important aspect and helps mankind a lot as you can get all the necessary info just by clicking your mouse key.
The fashion sure is changing and if the latest trend is anything to go by then we can certainly say that the animal prints are in fashion and certain for the 2011 season. There are an array of snake patterns available and are nicely decorated only to fit your taste. This is an important addition and must be taken note of. The animal prints make your wardrobe look different and catchy.
Fashion designers from around the world have worked hard to create the magic with animal prints. For those who love to sport different kinds of fashion accessory and love to experiment with clothing, spring summer collection 2011 is the season to look forward to as there will be surely an array of options available as far as the animal print clothing is concerned. Prints as fancy as leopard prints, deer prints and even zebra print is getting the much needed popularity. It is important to note as the coming season for the spring summer 2011 collection will be the one to look forward to.
For all those who love to do experiment with the cloths it is advised that you go for the snake prints as it is chic and has an eye popping effect exuding a lot of panache. If you are one with a tight personality this is one print that you should not let go because it will certainly look good on you.

How To Tie a Scarf

Tips For Straightening Hair

When considering having your hair straightened, you probably have tons of questions. To help walk you through the process so you can make wise choices, we have provided tips for Straightening Hair. First, people of all ethnic groups commonly have their hair straightened. For some, they are born with unruly hair and need the hair straightened to make it more manageable while other people simply prefer a smoother, sleeker look to keep up with trends.

Regardless of the reason why you want to have your hair straightened, it is important that you start by understanding that you will be having strong chemicals applied to your hair and if not done right, permanent damage could be done. This is why we have put together valuable tips for Straightening Hair.

Although it might be tempting to straighten your own hair with an over-the-counter product, we would highly recommend you go one-step further and have a professional do the straightening for you! The goal is to have a positive experience that results in magnificent-looking hair, without damage. While the process of hair straightening is not necessarily a difficult one, a specific technique needs to be followed.

Without knowing how to use this technique, things could go wrong. For this reason, the professional can start by performing a strand test on your hair. This will help him or her determine how strong your hair is, the texture, elasticity, and porosity. With the strand test, the professional will know whether it can handle the chemicals used, and if so, what type. This test involves the hair being pulled to determine how elastic it is and then a small amount of relaxer is applied to see how the hair reacts. If every thing goes according to plan, then the hair can be straightened. Additional tips for Straightening Hair include information on the three primary steps involved:

  1. Protective petroleum cream might be applied, as a means of shielding the scalp. Additionally, this cream will help against hair that has been relaxed or damaged previously. The one thing to remember is that this cream must be applied to loose, soft, natural curls.
  2. Once the hair has processed, the chemicals are then rinsed with warm water and a neutralizing formula is applied. This will help the process oxidize, as well as restore the pH in the hair.
  3. Finally, a special conditioner is applied to help the hair relax.

If you have hair that has been damaged from overuse of hairstyling tools or other types of chemicals, then it is possible that your hair will have to be conditioned before the straightening process can begin. What chemical hair straightening does is rearrange the structure of your curly hair so that it becomes straight.

The three chemicals typically used include sodium hydroxide, which is very serious and harsh, ammonium thioglycolate, which is less intense, to guanidine hydroxide, which has no lye in it and the most gentle of the three options. Again, since these chemicals are just that, chemicals. Therefore, misuse can not only damage the hair follicles, but the scalp and skin as well.

Keep in mind that when hair has been chemically Straightening Hair, it typically requires special care to ensure the hair does not dry out. For instance, you will need to use a deep conditioning treatment a minimum of twice a week. Additionally, a quality detangling produce used with a wide toothed comb would be needed.

Now, keep in mind that while you might see various products on the market that say they can straighten your hair without chemicals, the bottom line is they do not work. You could use a flat brush or flat iron, along with smoothing gel to straighten your hair but this would be temporary and probably not be as straight as you might like. Another option would be to use a blow dryer to straighten the hair. However, these methods will only last until the next time you wash your hair, caught in the rain, or end up in a humid environment.

Although you might want your hair straight, another option is to love the wave or curls you were born with, using the temporary methods for an occasional different look. Just remember that many people with straight hair wish they had waves or curls so not everyone is happy, regardless of the type of hair.

The most important thing is to make sure your hair is not damaged! Beautiful, shiny hair that is curly is much more attractive than straight, over processed hair. Just be smart about your choices! We hope these tips for Straightening Hair has given you valuable insight.

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At-Home Hair Color: Biggest Mistakes Women Make...

Why You Should Never Go More Than a Couple Shades Lighter or Darker?

When you color your own hair, picking the perfect new shade or color can be daunting. Here are a few tips to make it easier:

Doing It Yourself? Don't Go More Than 2 Shades Lighter or Darker

If you want to go from dark brown to light blonde, get thee to a hair salon. Don't try this at home. I get so many women writing in wondering how they can fix a bad dye job. Avoid this by using semi-permanent color and never going more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

Don't Bet Your Hair Color on the Picture on the Box

Pictures on hair color boxes can be deceiving. Go by the color swatches and the descriptions instead. Most boxes will call out the color (blonde, brown, black and red) and the shade of that color (light, medium and dark). There might also be mention of the tone (golden or ashy).

Are You "Warm" or Are You "Cool"

Most of us would like to think we are both warm and cool. But when it comes to hair color, it's important to know which one you really are (and it has nothing to do with your fantastic personality).
You're likely a "warm" if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes (most Latinas, Asians and African Americans fall into this category). "Warm" women tan easily and the veins in their inner wrists are green.
You're a "cool" if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes, you burn before you tan and the veins in your wrists run blue. If you're confused because you sometimes burn, sometimes tan, you likely skew warm.
Once you know if you're a warm or cool, you'll better know what shades of color look good with your skin tone.

How to Choose the Right Color Tone

If you have warm skin, opt for golden shades such as caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin. Avoid jet-black hair which will wash you out. If you do opt for a golden shade, don't go too light or your hair could turn orange and you'll write in to me and I'll send you to the salon. Can you go blonde as a "warm"? Yes. But it is a delicate process and should be done in a salon, not on your own.
If you are a cool shade, avoid colors such as gold, auburn or copper. They will only highlight the ruddiness of your skin tone. Ash blondes and cool browns work best.
When you go to the hair salon, ask your stylist to bring out swatches. First pick out the colors you are most drawn to, then hold them up to your face near a window where natural light comes in. Ask the stylist to help you determine which shades and tones work best next to your skin.

How to Tell If You'd Make a Great Blonde

A basic rule of thumb: People who had blonde hair as children have the right skin tone to be blonde adults. Does this mean you can't be blonde if you didn't have blonde hair as a kid. Nope. You just need the right shade and you should ask a professional for advice.
More blonde hair color inspiration:

How to Pick the Right Shade of Blonde

Brassy blonde color or highlights on someone with a warm skin tone can be harsh. Opt for warmer shades instead.
If you have brown hair and want to go blonde, you don't want to go too light or you could look washed out. Opt for contrast: highlights and lowlights. And keep in mind that darker hair will actually complement brown or green eyes better than blonde hair.

Va-Va-Va-Voom: You Wanna Go Red, But Can You Get Away With It?

Good news! Almost everyone can go red, what's most important is finding the right shade. If you want to go red, I suggest not trying it on your own. Get a professional consultation.
See this photo gallery of gorgeous red hairstyles for color inspiration.

Don't Be Blue, You Can Hide That Gray

Gray hair can be stubborn to color because of its coarse texture. Many women hide their gray hair with blonde color. If you want to stick with your natural color and your hair is less than one-thirds gray, opt for a semi-permanent color that's a shade lighter than your natural color (or matches your color). The gray will blend right in.

Prada Men's Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Part 1/2

Kris Van Assche Spring 2011 Men's Paris

Prada -2011 Menswear Collection

The Spring 2011 at Prada Menswear seems to be very eccentric through colorful outfits and sporty influences along with vintage flash-backs. Elegance plays a major role too, presented through classy business suits, double denim, creamy colors, baggy pants and fitted blazers. Stay with us and find out what are men's fashion trends for the next season! 

When we're talking about men's fashion we all know that Italy takes the lead and drives us straight into men's thoughts through fashion shows, trends and clothes. Whether some designers choose to go for sportswear and other for youthful designs, some choose business wear, other play with simple minimalist pieces, this one label always rises above all the other brands, especially for its ability to combine everything together in every single collection, and that's the Prada fashion label.

Since 1913, what started as a leather goods local boutique called Fratelli Prada, in Milan, has taken over the entire world by now, developing not only their unique style, but also changing the fashion world through their designs and perspectives. 

In Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Collection presented at Milan's Fashion Week we've spotted a new refreshing fashion sense for the next season expressed through new styles and bold colors that emphasize these trends. Perfectly stable hairstyles brings a touch of futuristic influences into these professional looking outfits. The colorful looks presented show how the urban street style takes over business wear by keeping the classy and elegant image. 

The main items which follow the latest fashion trends, that Prada's Spring 2011 Menswear Collection puts an accent on, are: dark colored business suits, bold leather shoes, perfectly fitted cardigan, baggy denim jeans, fanny-packs, plain washed vintage denim shirt, soft grey suits, pop orange blazer, V-necks or maxi striped sweater.

Colors are taken to extremes in this collection, where powerful shades put in value every item and look on the runway. From electric blue to bold orange, neon yellow, forest green, easy pink, turquoise and the classics, black and white, Prada keeps them all together on the same page.

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