Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hand Care:
Hands are the most visible parts of you, but they also take a lot of abuse. You use them in everyday activity, and yet, they are the ultimate accessory. You must give them the same attention you give your face. Hands are the first of all body parts to show your age and need quiet a lot of pampering and care to keep of wrinkles and keep them looking young, supple, soft and beautiful. Here are some tips that you can use for the purposeHands very often are treated roughly. People treat them badly while washing clothes, dishes, scrubbing floors and working in the garden.Hands are so beautiful and important but one probably feels no need of taking care of them. One must take proper care of the hands. 

Hands are the most precious gift given to the human beings from God. Like one takes care of other parts of body, hands too need proper care and protections.
Hands are the most noticeable part of the body. One must give proper attention to them as one gives to the face.By following some easy tips, one can maintain the natural beauty of the hands.
The hands will definitely thank one for taking good care of them. Hands ask for a little care in turn of infinite jobs that they perform for us.

Here are few hand care tips:

  • Do not let the skin on hands dry and moisturize them often to keep off the winkles.
  • Sun exposure damage skin so use sunscreen lotion on hands before venturing out.
  • Protect your hands from dust, pollution and chemical reactions at all times by wearing gloves while doing gardening or washing dishes.
  • Keep the evaporation from drying out water or fungal infections from developing by patting your hands dry frequently.
  • Special treatments such as a warm oil bath and herbal therapies can keep your hands soft and supple forever.
  • Warm hands are key to better skin and good health. Cold hands often lead to colds and flu infections.
  • Acetone polish removers dry out nails, so, don’t use them.
  • Do not color nails for few days after every two weeks for better and healthy nails.
  • Make you nails stronger by dipping your fingertips in lukewarm olive oil.
  • Do not remove cuticles because they are there to protect your nails from infection.
  • Use hand cream often and keep a bottle of it every where you visit frequently such as bathroom or vanity, kitchen and bedroom.
  • Mix glycerin, lemon juice and a few drops of rose water and use it to massage your hands every other day.
  • Cornmeal is a great scrub for hands and cleanse and softens your hands wonderfully.
  • The skin on your hand is thin and delicate; therefore take special care of them.
  • Moisturize your hands at least four times a day.
  • Use your face exfoliator on your hands once a week.
  • Once a week apply your face cream on to your hands before you go to bed.
  • For dry hands after washing your hands with soap, wet them again. Pour salt on your hands and then scrub them under water. Dry hands and apply moisturizer on them.
  • For greasy hands, after washing your hands rub cornmeal on them.
  • Wear rubber gloves while working at home and in the garden.
  • Protect and prevent your hands from aging and abuse.
  • Protect your hands from the ravages of changing weather.
  • Protect your hands while working in the sun.
  • The best way to take care of your hands is to protect them on a daily basis