Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men's 2010 Hair Trends: Styles, Cuts, Colors

All fashion trends are cyclical, and in recent years have gradually modernised the looks of the 20th Century and planted them firmly in the 21st. Such a modernisation of past styles is especially true of men's hair trends in 2011: it's out with the new, and in with the old. Or at least an old hair style with a new twist.

2011 sees men's hair styles fall into two distinct categories: school boy and rocker. But while the rocker look is certainly a 20th Century creation, the resulting hair style finds its roots (if you'll pardon the pun) distinctly in 19th Century Britain. And so it is in 2010; while the odd 2010 runway collection featured something akin to a grunge revival, the majority of us will live out 2010 with a refined, classically inspired hair cut.
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2011 men's hair trends: 2011 men's hairstyles

Men's fringe hairstyle trend

The men's fringe is the dominant hair trend for gents in 2011. And while it was also on-trend in 2010, 2011 offers up three variations on the men's hair trend:
  1. the well-groomed, wept fringe
  2. the textured, et fringe
  3. the curly fringe

Straight fringe

Continuing on from last year's men's hair trends, the men's fringe remains a major feature of men's hair trends in 2010. But, naturally, this is a hair trend that has evolved. While the men's fringe in 2009 was all about close-to-eyebrow length, in 2010 we have more options.

How To Cut The Fringe
Thankfully, the men's fringe trend in 2010 comes in a variety of lengths, so you're going to be able to play with the look to suit your face shape. While you'll be looking to keep shorter back and sides (British grade 4-5), the way of truly making it your own is to play with the length of the fringe itself. No better example exists than the Bottega Veneta Men's Spring-Summer 2009 catwalk which provided two fringes in stark contrast to each other:

Of the two, the latter side swept fringe is the more preferential, with the cropped fringe looking a little too nondescript. If the side swept fringe does look like a hair style you might wear, be sure to check out marni's mens wear fall (autumn)winter 2009/2010 catwalk collection where it was a look sported by most of the models.
Personally, I'd recommend something far more current and cut your fringe with texture and at brow length as seen on Burberry Prorsum's Men's spring/ summer 2009 catwalk (below).

How To Style The Fringe
Whether you take a straightening iron to your hair or enjoy naturally straight hair, the men's fringe trend in 2010 is all about texture. I'm not talking about afro-inducing curls akin to those spotted on Alexander McQueen's fall (Autumn)winter 2009/2010 runway (those were horrible) but light, layered detail. And in giving us the best length, Burberry Prorsum also featured the best textured styling for the men's fringe:

This textured hair style, with its longer fringe, is the 2010 incarnation of the 'Caesar cut', named after the hair style Roman dictator perpetuus Julius Caesar who is frequently depicted wearing his hair in a similar fashion. For a similar reason, it's also become known as 'the Clooney Cut' after actor George Clooney. While cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead, the overall effect depends largely on using a matte wax or pomade to create the rugged texture and is quite akin to something sported by men in the Regency era.
And if it's a rugged texture you're after, particularly if you have wavy or curly hair, then look no further than Gucci's Men's Fall(autumn)winter 2009/2010 catwalk where the models oozed sex with a take on 2010's fringe hair style trend.

Wet fringe

Men's curly fringe

Back in 2008 when a fringe wasn't school boy straight it was only ever one other thing: messy - think a messed up rocker post groupie session and you're shan't be far off the mark. That style came in 2008 and then it went. But amongst 2011's men's hair styles are looks that move away from the genteel and, thus, the messy fringe returns in another form: curly hair. While cut curly all over, the trend for men's curly hair in 2011 is to wear it with length in the fringe, which should be the dominant focus of the hairstyle.
As for the exact length of this curly hair trend, it's whatever suits you best. Chaps whose curly hair permits length without the need for a lot of hair product may opt for something 1970's (the decade with the biggest impact on 2011 Fashion trends) inspired, while those in need of more product may opt for a less voluminous take on the hair trend. Both of these styles are pictured, respectively, directly below and were seen on Gucci's S/S 2011 catwalk.

 If neither of those curly hairstyles are suited to your mane then the shorter version, with its ability to be styled with much more hair product than the former two styles, may be an option.

Lace dress / lace skirt: women's trend

A trend round-up to inspire you for late-summer 2010, but also a trend that you'd be amiss not to carry in to Autumn / Fall 2010 / 2011: lace dresses and lace skirts.
Right now you're thinking that this is nothing new. And you're right; it's an extension of the sheer trend that's has, for some time, firmly cemented itself as its own, independent trend. So what follows is, instead, more about how to wear the trend now, and how to set yourself apart from the masses - so that you can bring it forwards and into a new league.

Types of lace

There are many different types of lace, and various methods for producing it - so many that we won't go into them here. The long and short of it is this: it's now less about the stretch, allover lace, and more about antique-style lace. Fabrics that look like a more traditional needle or bobbin lace (even if they're machine made). Generally, go for a wider net, a more unique pattern, a sturdier fabric - rather than a thin stretch lace.

How to wear it

The ultimate balance of lace in 2010 / 2011 is to be romantic but not over-girly; sensual but not over-suggestive. Like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer. The lace isn't an added detail of a garment, it is the garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath. Just keep the cut a little more relaxed or the hem a little longer to maintain that aforementioned balance.

New designers for MBFW Fall 2011 Collections
February 03, 2011 (USA)

In just a few weeks, fashion industry professionals from around the globe will gather at the world’s leading performing arts center, Lincoln Center, to preview the Fall 2011 Collections. The runways will showcase the most influential new looks worn by top models, as new designers never before seen at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week present alongside some of America’s most established names in fashion.

The newcomers to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week include Allegri, Callula Lillibelle, CHRISTIAN COTA, Elene Cassis, Frank Tell, G-Star RAW, GUiSHEM, Irina Shabayeva, Joy Cioci, LUBLU Kira Plastinina, Maisonette 1977, Porter Grey, Sachin + Babi, Son Jung Wan, Tess Giberson and VACCA.

“We are proud to welcome so many established and emerging designers to present their Fall collections this season,” said Peter Levy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Fashion Worldwide. “The goal of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is to facilitate an opportunity for designers and brands to successfully showcase their talent at an event that will further support the growth of their businesses.”

Allegri- Founded in 1971, Allegri has specialized in outerwear and rainwear and it is known for its extensive fabric research to create garments that offer the ultimate protection from the elements.

Callulla Lillibelle- Designers William Calvert and Melanie Fraser Hart create their collections to reflect the diverse range of women’s needs, including style, comfort, and price.

CHRISTIAN COTA- This Parisian designer attributes his passion for design to his first muses, his mother and his late grandmother, saying “their manner of dress and their poise was always an education in elegance. They define the word.”

Elene Cassis- Long Island native, Cassis started her own signature collection in June of 2009 and has already caught the attention of top retailer Neiman Marcus, along with over 30 other noted specialty stores nationwide.

Frank Tell- Frank Tell describes his new collection in light of the recession, “the Recession killed cocktail dressing. It’s too precious. Women don’t want to buy something they will only wear once and then sit in their closets. What is needed are extraordinarily crafted pieces that can be worn in an everyday way.”

G-Star RAW- Pierre Morisset, G-Star’s head designer, is one of the most important stylists in the denim world. He is creating tomorrow’s authenticity today. He is considered by many to be the denim specialist “le chirurgien du jean” (the jeans surgeon).

GUiSHEM- This Latin American designer, Guillermo Jop specializes in eveningwear; Jop’s designs incorporate draping and innovative pattern cutting.

Irina Shabayeva- Born in Georgia, Shabayeva honed her skills there creating luxurious garments for celebrity clientele, positioning her as a talent to be reckoned on the 6th season of “Project Runway.”

Joy Cioci- Sexy, romantic and influential personal inspirations play into each one of Cioci's meticulous designs to provide a versatile collection that women gravitate to for everyday effortless wear.