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Choosing Eyeliner

Many brands offer a variety of hues, textures and types of eyeliners; ideally suited for different situations, weather conditions, shape and color of the eyes. Eyes are quite delicate and need to be handled with care. Soft eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner, felt tip eyeliner that works like the liquid one and the cake eyeliners are the most common types available in the market. Pencils and felt tips must glide easily on the eyelid area and must not require pressure. Using eyeliner properly needs a lot of practice and a steady hand to avoid smudging it. Pencil and felt tip eyeliners are easier to control as you can use them like pens to sketch the desired look and define your eyes while liquid eyeliners need more practice just like using pointed brushes in painting and may smudge easily but they make better, brighter and clearer lines.

Cake eyeliners were previously considered an asset for professional makeup artists but women have picked up the trend and are now using them increasingly. Eyeshadows can also be used effectively as eyeliners and in fact offer many more colors and shades to experiment with. Eye pencil is perhaps the easiest to apply and to make the application easier, it wise to open one's mouth slightly so that muscles of eyes get telexed and one does not have to pull the lid for lining it. It is also advisable to line the lid as close to the lashes as possible to avoid a white line in between. The earliest archaeological evidence of using an eyeliner as a cosmetic, can be traced back to Egyptian and southern Iraqi women. They used to paint kohl, a thick black ointment, around their eyes to make them look larger. It was also believed to have powers to ward off evil eye.

Sometimes, eyeliner looks too sharp or harsh for our taste, especially when we are try to achieve smoky eye effect. In such a case, you can soften it by dusting a powder shadow of similar shade on your eyeliner using the eye shadow brush. Eyeliner plays a great role in creating optical illusions to give a new shape and size to your eyes. Gray, black and brown liners can be used to line outer third of upper lids of the close set eyes and then smudged gently. Liner of a lighter shade should be used at the inner side of the eye to add the look of the width between eyes. Small eyes can be opened up by lining them with a dark shade that thickens at the outer edge of the eye. Under lower lash, line with a very light shade such as gold, silver and white. Deep-set eyes can be controlled by lining the upper lash line with pale shade that shimmers while the outer edge of the lower lash should be lined with soft and neutral colors such as gray or taupe.

To add brightness to the drooping and tired eyes, line the outer third of eye almost touching the lashes and sweeping the liner slightly up at the corner of the eye. There is a procedure that can define your eyes permanently called micro pigmentation, also known as permanent eyeliner. Here, an organic pigment is embedded beneath the skin using a hand-held device that punctures the skin hundreds of times per minute with a very thin needle and pushes the pigment into the desired location. This procedure is also used to shape your eyebrows, color lips and add blush to your cheeks permanently. It can also be used to wear a permanent eye shadow. However, as this procedure is more painful and costly, most women prefer to do makeup instead of going for permanent procedures.
Face Packs For Fairness

Fair and olive skin are two skin colours which can wear off any colour beautifully. With the rising pollution and faulty lifestyle, the common complain is that of tanning, dark patches and pigmentation. These skin problems make your skin colour dark and also many skin infections erupt. If it is left unattended, the skin colour is destroyed forever and the dark patch becomes worse with time.

Here are some face packs for fairness -

1.The first best face pack for fairness is the almond face pack. Soak 8-10 almond overnight. Grind it and mix it with milk. Apply this everyday to your skin and scrub it off after 15 minutes.

2.Another face pack for with assured fairness is to blend cucumber juice, rose water and lemon juice together and apply it twice a day everyday. Apply three layers at a time and wash it off on drying.

3.Mix sandal wood powder, grind turmeric, rosewater and neem power in equal quantity. Take a spoon full of this and mix it with a spoon of honey and rose water. Apply this everyday and keep it on till the time it dries off. Wash it off with cold water.

4.The best face pack for fairness is to mix milk cream with turmeric and flour. Apply this on the face and keep for twenty minutes. Scrub it off later with dry flour and water.

5.Curb, honey and rose water also make a great face pack for fairness. This should be used at alternative days to prevent dryness.

These five face packs for fairness nourish the skin with all the lost nutrient. These face packs bring on fairness by cleaning the skin of dead skin, of pigmentation, dirt etc. These face packs remove the excess concentration of melanin, thus, making the skin look fair.
Valentine's Day Fashion Tips

Fashion, the term seems to make it's own position in every special day and when it's the most romantic day of the year – Valentine's Day, it is of utmost importance. Now, there will be people who say, love is not based on external looks but the truth is that if one comes specially dressed for you and wears your favourite colour, it adds on to the mood of the day. Thus, fashion is the need of the hour, as cupid is just round the corner.
Fashion Tips For Valentine's Day This day is a the day you spend together and are in complete ease, away from the hustle and the tensions of life. Thus, flashy fashion is not for Valentines Day's. Be yourself, wear some thing cute. A T and a skirt, a frock, a pair of jeans with a cute top etc. Look feminine with your cute dress and relive the admiration of the first day once again.

2.Accessories – Simple and sleek jewelery will suit your cute dress the best. A bracelet which rests elegantly on your wrist and a chain which lays beautifully around your neck, adds on to your delicate beauty. Jewelery brands have loads to offer this season. Accessories both for hair and matching your dress is now available.

3.Footwear – Footwear fashion tip for Valentine's Day is to follow the high heels trend. Heels make you look elegant and also matches your cute dress. Footwear's are also going retro this season. Polka dots, strips, bright colours include in the fashion tip for Valentine's Day.

4.Hit The Beach – The best place to be on this day is on a romantic beach. Wear hot pants, with a tuck in shirt, shades and red jewelery. Look stylish, sexy and cool on the beach with your guy holding your hand beside you.

5.Light Make-up – The last but not the least fashion tip is to be yourself. Flaunt your natural beauty and preserve it from all the heat and sun, with a light makeup. Keep your make up to the minimum. As for lip colour, stick on to a light colour lip gloss. The lip colours in trend are peach, pink etc. Nude Make-up is the fashion tip this Valentine's Day.

Follow these fashion tips this Valentine's Day and dress your best on this day for your loved one. Get ready for the most romantic day.

1.A Cute Dress –

What to Wear Valentine's Day: Plus Size Fashion

Great Clothes, Colors and Accessories for Plus Size Women

Plus size women should try a bustier underneath and something dramatically different on top when deciding what to wear on Valentine's Day.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to 'wear' different persona,” advises Sherri Appleby of “If your style is big and bold, try a more demure style. If you typically wear your hair up, let it down.”

Selecting Plus Size Clothes for Valentines Day: How to Decide What to Wear

Besides size, a woman must also consider what her Valentine’s Day will involve. Will it be a long day at work followed by a Valentine’s Day party? Will it be an intimate dinner or will it involve time in the great outdoors? “A long walk on the beach may not be conducive to high heels,” points out Appleby. “Dress accordingly.”
Plus size clothes or not, the finished outfit must make a woman feel comfortable and confident. “You need to answer some questions honestly,” advises Appleby. “Does this outfit emphasize my best features? Am I comfortable? Do I feel sexy? Is it the correct size? If you answer yes to all of these questions you have the perfect outfit.”

Valentine’s Day Fashion Must-Haves: Bustiers and Other Flattering Plus Size Clothes

Appleby says there is no one style that is flattering to all plus size women. “Plus size or not, we all have body parts that we like to emphasize and others that we would prefer to hide,” she says. “That being said, some styles work better than others.” Appleby recommends four pieces of clothing plus size women should consider when deciding what to wear:
  • Bustier: “I have never known a bustier that didn’t flatter a plus size woman,” says Appleby. “It cinches at the waist and emphasizes our assets.”
  • Baby Doll Shirt: “Baby doll shirts are great for emphasizing your bust while minimizing your waist.”
  • Tailored Jacket: “A nice tailored jacket will create a beautifully shaped silhouette,” advises Appleby.
  • Wide Legged Pants: “Wide legged pants do wonders to hide thighs, calves and booty, while creating a longer, slimmer look.”

Valentine’s Day Colors and Accessories for the Plus-Size Woman

When picking out what colors to wear, Appleby recommends corals and pinks in the appropriate shade to give skin a beautiful healthy glow. “A deep rich purple is fantastic and you can never go wrong with black,” she adds.
Appleby, who also designs the Beingme line of jewelery, has one word when it comes to accessories: “Diamond, diamonds, diamonds! Now, if you are expecting to receive diamonds that night something simple and sparkly works just as well. Keep your accessories understated, so your beauty and confidence is what shines.”

What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Outfits for the Plus Size Woman has a list of online retailers specializing in plus size clothes. Appleby recommends choosing an outfit that will take a woman from dinner to dimmed lights. “So, something like a sexy bustier under a jacket with a skirt, maybe a patterned stocking and high leather boots. No matter what she is wearing, as long as a woman feels sexy and confident she will be ready for a big Valentine’s night out.”