Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prepare The Most Delicious and Cutest Cupcakes For Valentines Day !!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day Messages

New media culture and new modern technologies give advancement and innovation to our life style but, the feelings of love and intimacy never ever change by this advancement & modernism. People yet follow the old practices of showing love to their love ones. Beside their routine days, they always search for the times when they can exhibit their true love to their love ones in a very unique and special way. In this regard, valentine day said to be a blessing for all those lovers who try to show their love and want to share lovable moments with their love one. For showing this love, romance and intimacy, lovers do everything or take every source. Valentine gifts, valentine cards, red roses, chocolates, valentine messages are the thing which exhibit your true love in real sense. Among all these things valentine messages is the most important thing which every lover sends to their valentine. People write and send valentine messages in the way they like. Some send valentine messages through post, some send their valentine messages via greeting cards, and some uses modern technology of internet. Majority of the people now send valentine messages via SMS and through internet chat. Words count a lot. Your words are the real exhibitor of your feelings. None of the thing shows your love and intimate feelings other than words. So, on this valentine put special emphasis on valentine messages to win the heart of your valentine.
Here are some very unique and special valentine messages for you. By following these valentine messages, you can show your true love and romantic feelings to your love one on this valentine.

Some Special Valentine Messages:-

  • The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than he hunger for bread- Mother Teresa
  • There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It’s GOD’s finger on man’s shoulder- Charles Morgan
  • What greater thing in therefore two human souls that to feel that they are joined… to strengthen each other… to be one with each other in silent- George Eliot
  • For you see, each day I love you more/ Today more than yesterday & less than tomorrow- Rose Monde Gerard
These special valentine messages by some of the eminent personalities will definitely help you in showing your love and emotions to your beloved on this upcoming valentine day.

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Him
That day my friend asked me for some romantic Valentines day ideas for him (my friend's boyfriend). She wanted something unique and special, something which will show how much he meant to her, something that will make this Valentine's day really memorable. Not only my friend, but all those girls out there want to do something really special for their Valentines, but end up doing the same old thing of exchanging gifts and going out to eat. Girls, there are number of ways in which you can make this day special for you and your special one. Here are some romantic Valentines day ideas for him which I am sure you will find helpful for this Valentine's day.

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas for Him
Do you know which is the best part of a surprise? It's when you see the smile on the face of the person for whom the surprise was meant... That's when you know that your plan and hard work behind the plan has been a success, no matter how simple the surprise was. Sometimes, it might happen that you are stumped and have no idea as to what to do for your boyfriend and for those situation here are some romantic Valentine's day ideas which will help you think of something.
  • Is his favorite rock band coming to town or anywhere near your town? Then get hold of the tickets before they are all gone and surprise him by taking him to this concert on Valentines day. So what, if you do not like rock music? Today's the day when you are ready to do anything for loved ones and listening to rock music is one of them. He will love it and you for it.

  • Take a day off from work and try out some of the romantic getaways for Valentines. Go somewhere nearby or somewhere far but make sure you go to a place where there is peace and quite and where you will not bump into your relatives or friends. DO NOT carry your cell phone (keep one for emergency but turn it off) so that nothing and no one can disturb you. Go scuba diving, go mountain climbing or just relax on the beach and enjoy.
  • You can also pen down all your feelings for him in the form of a poem or song and give it to him. Make it romantic, make it funny and interesting and you need not be Wordsworth or Blind Lemon to write a poem or a song, just make it as sensible as possible and this is one song or poem which he will never get tired listening to.
  • Here's some more romantic ideas for Valentine's day; recorded CD of you expressing your love for him or probably some clippings of the emotional moments that you both had spend with each other. You can also give him a collection of his as well as your favorite romantic songs and listen to them or maybe even dance to them.
  • Need some valentines gift ideas for him? Try out some of the Valentine's day gifts for him which are sure to surprise him and which he is surely going to love. There are several things for you to choose from; clothes, accessories, gadgets, favorite dinner, personalized items and so on. You can also use your imagination and make him something really great.
  • Decorate his house with hearts and ribbons (make sure that you do not make it look too girly) and spend the whole day with him. Or a simple 'I love you' and a kiss can make him feel like the luckiest guy alive.
These romantic Valentines day ideas for him will help you when you run out off ideas as to what to do for him this Valentines. But, let me tell you something, whatever you do, do it from your heart. Do not just do it because your friend is also doing it, but do it because you want to do and because he will love it if you do it.