Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair Hues for Winters to Spice up your Life

Spice up you life with colored hair.
Time to spice up your life by spicing up your hair color. There is a wide range of colors from rich red to blond and bold brunette. In the winter brighten up your life with the latest hair hues. Get inspiration from the bright colored hair so that you can follow the winter hair hue trend and be different.
Other than these coloring inspirations some special tips have to be followed for the hair. Washing the hair daily reduces the natural oils from them so wash them every three days at least. With this we also need to take care of the colored hair, if we color our hair we should go for a few shades lighter or darker our skin so it suits us . Skin tone is the key for choosing a hair color, besides that after you have colored you hair use the products for the colored hair so that the hair remain healthy.
Keep you hair moisturized and treat you hair with intensive conditioning treatement once a week so that the treatement compensates for all the straightening and styling you have done through out the week.
The best tips for hair while washing are that you rinse your hair with cold water at the end so that they lock the cuticles and leave the hair naturally shiney. Besides this always towel dry the hair before conditioning so that the conditioning is effective.
Protect the hair from the harsh uv rays and protect the hair from the wind to avoid degradation of hair follicles. Straightening , blow drying and styling leave our hair dry and damaged so we should avoid such attempts on our hair. Invest in a thermal-barrier, heat protection product to be used before styling to keep the hair protected.
Adding up to this list of the hair care tips we need to add the most important tip that is get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to avoid hair damage and split-ends.

Punk fashion: elements of influence

We like to write about certain kinds of fashion trends at Trends that marry all the qualities of an appealing lifestyle, that marry together quality craftsmanship, elegance and an an attitude towards a life that indulges the senses and you know roughly where our tastes lie. Hence there is many a trend we opt to simply not push - stand for everything and you stand for nothing. Despite this there are some fashion trends in 2011 which, despite being unlikely to indulge in ourselves, we simply can't ignore. And that's because they have an impact on other trends that are important to us.
One such trend is punk - a trend that last emerged in 2010 and one that will continue to influence the fashion aesthetic of 2011 and potentially beyond. Partially filling the vacuum left behind by done and dusted trends, such as the likes of military, gothic and grunge, it's punk's ability to impact on other trends, such as 2011's motorcycle chic trend (the stronger and more versatile of the two trends), that makes it worth watching and noting.
balmain punk
Balmain SS11

Read on to find out more about the trend, what it entails, and what elements you can wear.
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Punk fashion: the full blown trend

Punk over the years has incorporated many subcultures and substyles. Regardless of these, the core is always a sense of rebellion and controversy; something meant to shock. In today's fast world, sock is something that is much harder to do.
Which is one of the things that weakens punk fashion as a full blown fashion trend. Wear punk in the same way that Sid Vicious did and you risk looking like you're playing dress ups as opposed to being something of a rebel.
That's the first problem with punk fashion as a full blown fashion trend. The second is that many of the common elements of punk have already had plenty of exposure over recent seasons as a part of other trends: leather, military / combat, bondage / fetish, ripped stockings, and tattoos (which are now completely commonplace) are some examples. There's so much cross over that, while punk certainly warrants a mention for spring / summer 2011, it by no means stands in isolation.
Hence for 2011, no matter what you read, the punk fashion trend should be less about an overall theme and more about mixing punk elements with other seasonal trends. For example, something ultra-feminine with a punk-rock edge.
balenciaga punk
Modern / neo punk from Balenciaga SS11

Punk details: what to wear

If dressing akin to the Sex Pistols doesn't quite appeal then there are still punk details that you can indulge in.


Wear as a dominant, though not over the top detail.
There is, of course, a danger with studs that involves more than accidentally inflicting their piercing potential upon others - it's very easy for them to be worn in an over-the-top way. There is a fine line between fashion forward details and chav-like overindulgence.
balmain punk
Studded leather jacket at Balmain SS11

Heavy boots

Combat boots (dovetailing with the military fashion trend), Doc Martens, or biker boots can punk up an outfit - particularly when paired with skinny jeans or skinny leather pants.
balenciaga punk
Balenciaga SS11

Safely pins

More than just a handy gem for getting you out of a fashion disaster, the safety pin is iconic to punk. That doesn't mean you need to wear one as a nose piercing; but do look at safety pins and indeed kilt pins as an accessory that can work in dozens of different ways. Think brooches and other bits of makeshift jewellery, or to haphazardly pin scarves, cardigans or other bits of clothing.
balmain punk
Safety pins at Balmain SS11

You Need Fashion?


More colors

Neutral are increasingly a touch of color with a neutral level into a new realm infused more visually interesting. Although the explosion of colors will appear everywhere. As people spend more time at home, feeling the old patterns of yellow-beige sad and fell pretty quickly. Wait almost bursts of bright colors as much a quick and easy way to keep your system exciting interior design. Do not think just when you think the color of color, expand their vision to floors, ceilings, curtains, lamps, accessories and everything that can contain a burst of color.

Using Technology at Home

The technology is not just a trend in 2011, but its becoming a lifestyle. This technological revolution in which we live has already reached the house, but it will hit harder. Although we do not live in a world Jetson, but start, other items of daily use at home connected to a computer or to watch over the Internet. We are also computer rooms, home entertainment and are almost staples. We are not here yet, but we hope to integrate the game for the year in almost all exercise bikes in the future.

The Details and Personality

Little things mean a lot at home. To compensate for the cold and impersonal nature of technology terms are people coming from the heart. These elements can be anything, because it is their personal service is important. Whether a family heirloom or a new piece of art, whatever that means something to the owner of your plan is different and unique interior. In small houses, where the focus is the comfort in the little things most important to ensure that your plan is a view of the interior design and a story to tell.


Another is not a new trend for 2011, interior design and the environment. obvious changes can be found in the houses are environmentally friendly materials and design options. Creative uses of articles in use, including terms that were not originally designed for the interior. More sun and more emphasis on the importance of natural light. And we hope other decorative items that reflect nature. But to really be cutting into your home, your eyes and ears open to consider any new changes in the environmental movement and how to integrate into your home.

Interior design trends for 2011 are the beginning of more radical changes at home. 2011 Pay attention to trends in interior design, you keep on the cutting edge of home decor and prepare for future progress in the development and environmentally friendly technology at home.