Thursday, December 30, 2010

College Girls Style & Fashion

What kinds of clothes do college girls need for school? When thinking about what to buy and what to bring, here’s one word to keep mind: practical! You can be a campus fashion icon if that makes you happy, but most students prefer to spend their time and money on other things. College life is stressful, and you’re going to want to be comfortable more often than you’ll want to be stylish.The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus. Some college campuses are more “Abercrombie” than others. In most cases, though, there’s not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high school.

College Girls Different Styles
Bookmark this page, because College Fashion has your solution. Here are seven fabulous and easy ways to do your hair when you’re pressed for time. Your hair will look hot, and no one will ever know you slept in!

Get Rid of Grease
Beat oily “second day” hair with this easy trick: grab some baby powder if you’re light-haired or matte bronzer if you’re a brunette and apply it to your roots with a big fluffy makeup brush. This absorbs grease and makes your hair look fresh. Then just fix any stray strands with a flat iron; shake out your hair and go.

For an elegant style that’s so Blair on Gossip Girl, smooth out your hair with a brush, then pull on a wide headband to cover up messier strands and look instantly polished. Try a shiny patent leather headband in an outfit-coordinating shade for a super-trendy look that’s very right-now.
Try Chopstick Hair
This style only looks difficult.. it’s actually insanely easy to do. If you don’t know how to make a chopstick updo, check out this Youtube tutorial, or for another way to do it, this tutorial. You don’t need actual chopsticks for this look – special hair sticks or even a pencil will work in a pinch.

Make a Chic Ponytail
If your hair is curly, use a little anti-frizz cream first. If you have straight locks, scrunch in curl cream to bring out some waves. Tease hair at the crown then pull into a low ponytail. Leave a ½ inch strand out and secure the ponytail with a clear elastic. Wrap the extra strand around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.College life is stressful college fashion, college trends ,girls fashion,Slip on a Headband,Make a Chic Ponytail,College Girls Style & Fashion,Try Chopstick Hair

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