Wednesday, February 9, 2011

23 (Very) Beautiful French Kitchens

Here are a set of very beautiful kitchens from French kitchen maker Perene. Perene’s portfolio is impressive with a set of luxury kitchens targeted at the high-end market and to those who do not mind giving an extra dollar for quality. Though majority of their designs can be classifed as ‘modern’, each kitchen is not without its own twist of style. Fancy decor, custom wall art and other curios lend each design its own flavour.
Hats off to the designer here…and yeah, the photographer too!
beautiful wooden kitchen
black and white kitchen plants
beautiful white scenic kitchen
wooden white kitchen
kitchen flowers
kitchen brilliant lighting
green apartment kitchen
glossy white kitchen
white red kitchen
traditional worn look kitchen
brown tinted kitchen
black white kitchen
stylish kitchens
scenic fresh kitchen
orange kitchen
luxury wooden kitchen
kitchen with tvkitchen with entertainment
kitchen wall finish
classic art deco kitchen
chic kitchen wallart
kitchen lighting
black kitchen

1 comment:

  1. these kitchen are amazing 5 stars. i would love to have a kitchen at looked like this, this would be so much easier to cook in with the amount of space and worktop area. I would have enough room for all of my kitchen electronics lol