Friday, February 4, 2011

What to Wear Valentine's Day: Plus Size Fashion

Great Clothes, Colors and Accessories for Plus Size Women

Plus size women should try a bustier underneath and something dramatically different on top when deciding what to wear on Valentine's Day.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to 'wear' different persona,” advises Sherri Appleby of “If your style is big and bold, try a more demure style. If you typically wear your hair up, let it down.”

Selecting Plus Size Clothes for Valentines Day: How to Decide What to Wear

Besides size, a woman must also consider what her Valentine’s Day will involve. Will it be a long day at work followed by a Valentine’s Day party? Will it be an intimate dinner or will it involve time in the great outdoors? “A long walk on the beach may not be conducive to high heels,” points out Appleby. “Dress accordingly.”
Plus size clothes or not, the finished outfit must make a woman feel comfortable and confident. “You need to answer some questions honestly,” advises Appleby. “Does this outfit emphasize my best features? Am I comfortable? Do I feel sexy? Is it the correct size? If you answer yes to all of these questions you have the perfect outfit.”

Valentine’s Day Fashion Must-Haves: Bustiers and Other Flattering Plus Size Clothes

Appleby says there is no one style that is flattering to all plus size women. “Plus size or not, we all have body parts that we like to emphasize and others that we would prefer to hide,” she says. “That being said, some styles work better than others.” Appleby recommends four pieces of clothing plus size women should consider when deciding what to wear:
  • Bustier: “I have never known a bustier that didn’t flatter a plus size woman,” says Appleby. “It cinches at the waist and emphasizes our assets.”
  • Baby Doll Shirt: “Baby doll shirts are great for emphasizing your bust while minimizing your waist.”
  • Tailored Jacket: “A nice tailored jacket will create a beautifully shaped silhouette,” advises Appleby.
  • Wide Legged Pants: “Wide legged pants do wonders to hide thighs, calves and booty, while creating a longer, slimmer look.”

Valentine’s Day Colors and Accessories for the Plus-Size Woman

When picking out what colors to wear, Appleby recommends corals and pinks in the appropriate shade to give skin a beautiful healthy glow. “A deep rich purple is fantastic and you can never go wrong with black,” she adds.
Appleby, who also designs the Beingme line of jewelery, has one word when it comes to accessories: “Diamond, diamonds, diamonds! Now, if you are expecting to receive diamonds that night something simple and sparkly works just as well. Keep your accessories understated, so your beauty and confidence is what shines.”

What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Outfits for the Plus Size Woman has a list of online retailers specializing in plus size clothes. Appleby recommends choosing an outfit that will take a woman from dinner to dimmed lights. “So, something like a sexy bustier under a jacket with a skirt, maybe a patterned stocking and high leather boots. No matter what she is wearing, as long as a woman feels sexy and confident she will be ready for a big Valentine’s night out.”

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