Friday, February 18, 2011

Popular Fashion Brands
Posted By Iffat , farha and Kulsoom

Today, the average consumer is bound to get confused while shopping because of the extensive cutthroat competition in the market. For every product there are large varieties of top Indian and international fashion brand players flooding the fashion world. 

Out of these distinct popular fashion brands some are indicative of quality and rich craftsmanship and thus demand a higher price. Side by side to the quality products we have some brands that follow the designing of hi class products but the quality is compromised.

 This category is particularly meant for those who cannot afford expensive quality items but wish to copy the styling.

Some of the popular brand names of fashion world are Nike, Nakshatra, Titan, Levis and Wrangler, Bausch and Lomb, Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas. Among the other top fashion international brands we have Ralph Lauren, Marks Spensor and Christian Dior. Bausch and Lomb is a brand eyewear just perfect for eye care.

 Nike is the other name for comfort so if you buying shoes for yourself shop something that you feel can take care of your feet. 

In apparel section, we have designer clothes by famous fashion designers that are selling like real hot cakes but then they are definitely expensive like Tommy Hilfiger, Marks Spencer, Peter England, Ralph Lauren Polo brands. 

These designer funky ensemble collections are expensive but act as a symbol of passion and courage. They enhance your personality


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