Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trendy Crocheted Neck Warmer For Women

The neck warmer is a functional winter accessory for both man and women. The short scarf or cowl keeps the front and back of the neck area warm. However, a neck warmer is not a long, rectangular-shaped piece of knitting that you wrap around your neck. It is a smaller piece that fits directly around the neck.
Crocheted neck warmers are made to cover the ears and face in colder climates . Sometimes they are buttoned on the side or in the front. Start with a simple pattern and then create one with your own style .
Crochet a neck warmer that can be worn with dressier clothing by using a variety of stitches.Experiment with different textures of yarn and crochet threads for a dressy yet functional warmer. Secure the ends of a small scarf neck warmer with an elegant piece of jewelry .

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