Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lip Care For Having Attractive Lips

Many of us neglect our lips without giving it a proper attention and a well planned lip care.
Because of this at times we need to face some problems which really become a matter of concern.
Beautiful lips are undoubtedly a point of attraction.
Lip care makes it possible for you to achieve those fabulous and healthy attractive lips in a most simple way!

Lip Care is Very Easy!

* Moisturize! Yes, like your skin your lips too need moisturizing. During winter they become a real problematic if left unattended or neglected. So this winter or for that matter whenever you feel your lips are dried up you can use this lip care tip to overcome the problem. All you need to do is give your lips a good lip balm protection. Lip blam also gives protection to your chapped lips.

* Never bite the skin on your lips. I know you do this very often but in this process you not only hurt your self but also damage your lips. It is hard to give but yet possible. Give it a try! Stop licking your lips this makes your lips to get dried up very easily.

* Sunscreen Lip Balms for Soft Lips! Use lip balms which have sunscreen factor in winter or summer. For that matter any season this should be made a habit as this gives a good protection for your lips. Go for natural lip balms, they have proved to give better results.
* Now for the lip make up tip from our lip care regime. If you want your lip stick to stay longer then apply your lips with a transparent powder. To avoid your lips from damage from lip stick caused apply a thin layer of Vaseline before you start applying lipstick, this will help your lips keep moist and avoid from dryness thus preventing cracking.
* Brush Your Lips! Surprised yes you can do this like you brush your teeth to remove flakes but very gently. Very useful lip care tip for dry lips.
* Test for Right Amount! In order to Test whether you have not overdone or applied more lipstick you can simply put your forefinger in your mouth and close your mouth slowly pull out your finger, lipstick on the finger is the excess one which has come out. Good Lip Care Tip isn’t it?
* Now for the perfect lip line! Keep in mind that you can well define your lips giving them a proper shape by using a lip liner. To get that perfect lip line out of your lip liner don’t forget to put it in glass of water for about few minutes then use it to apply. This process will make the lip liner firm and thus easy to apply.
So you are with perfect lip care tips for those peppy, soft and sizzling lips!

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