Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fashion Tips for Men 2011

What do you need to make a solid first impression? This article offer five advices men can follow to look trendy and handsome in the year 2011.
You must have heard “first impression is the last one”? Yes, I think it stands true to some extent. Your appearance does leave a strong impact on people watching you. Think of the time when you saw a girl in very short skirt in the market, didn’t you think she was hot and trendy? No matter in what outfit you saw her afterwards but you had in your mind that she is a HOT babe. Similar is the case when guys are out in school, market or office. Your peers do notice and make judgment.
Here things are not very elaborated, but few things about men (which they can add on in their clothing) fashion for the year 2011.
  • Shades of Camel
Camel color hardly goes out of fashion. It looks perfect in every season and at any part of the day. Therefore, it is bound to be a part of men’s fashion for winter 2011. Chinos, trench coats and blazers in shades of Camel color are all a part of this year’s fashion list.
  • Socks
Chunky and colorful socks with bold prints are this season’s ultimate look. Socks that match with the color of the shoes should be opted and they should be pulled up just above the boot line and the pants should be tucked in just a bit into the socks. This is a complete bold and trendy street look for men this year 2011.
  • Double Breast Suits
Double Breast suits form an integral part of men’s fashion for the year 2011. They are equally good for men with broad shoulders as well as men with the slim waist. They give an up-market and trendy look to all the men who opt for these suits this winter.
  • Trendy waistcoats
Men’s fashion for the year 2011 is incomplete without taking the waistcoats into account. They can be used both, formally and casually. They are the friendliest item of clothing which can be worn with casual jeans, formal suits, chinos etc. Therefore, all men must make sure that the waistcoats form a part of their wardrobe.
  • Neutral colored Cardigans
Bold and chunky cardigans are most popular ion this season. Neutral colors in cardigans add a style statement to this year’s fashion look for men. Therefore, a good neutral colored cardigan must be selected for this season.
Hope these pointers will help you look trendy and up-to-date in the year 2011.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your article although you need to highlight it before you read. You know, I like that suit, cause it is very fashionable and elegant.