Saturday, January 1, 2011

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    Messy Hair Charm

Messy hair do not really mean mess or cluttered hair style. It’s  the goodness that gives life and volume to hair that’s why most of the women look for it rather than knotting or clutching hair in a professional way.
Women refurbish hair styles, hair colors and hair cuts with changing season. New year’s eve is the dynamite that brings whole lot in outlook and hair style because it’s the maximum possible moment to define next year’s look and style. So, what you look for! Go for messy hair style that is timeless and quick to adapt.
Steps to create charming messy hair look
  1. The very first step is to wash your hair in way you do
  2. Then dry your hair with towel so that no single drop of water drips through them
  3. After drying, use your fingers instead comb to separate layers in section
  4. Use blow dry to give volume to your hair but do it in opposite direction of you hair
  5. Stop blowing when they are little damp
  6. Again run your fingers through to make each strand messy and stylish
Popular messy hair styles that make you charming
Those who have straight silky hair are bored with usual hair cuts and styles. Its time to get spontaneous look and to creat sensation in your personality. So, look below messy hair tutorial and get tips to style messy hair.
 After following above steps, use straightner right after that to create curls that slide through shoulder and flick your forehead. Use hair spray to maintain hair style in place. Curly curvy messy hair style takes little time and effort to curve each hair section but are good one for party and disco.
  • Side braid hair style
Dye your hair in rich shiny tones and follow steps to create messy hair. After getting messy, braid your hair to one side of your shoulder gleaming it to front.
It’s most popular hair style of 2010 and very wavy sexy fast and easy beauty bunny that sits at nape of neck. To bun your messy hair take bunch of all your hair scrunching them together at nape and chic your appearance.

These more fashionable and easy to grab hair styles are the messy but charming which are created in no time but with little effort and passion.

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