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Arabic Makeup Styles and Trends

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Today's article features Arabic bridal makeup and hair styles that will hopefully inspire you in selecting your wedding look. Arabic makeup might not also be suitable for everyone - it involves bright and contrasting colors for the eyes, dark and high eyebrows and an overall dramatic look. But it is also considered eye-catching, and sexy. Such looks may not be suitable for a mixed wedding, but you can consider it for your all-women bridal party.

If you favor such an Arabic bridal look, then read on!

Arabic makeup is best know for its dramatic emphasis on eyes and lips. This particular makeup style consists of dark and dramatic eyes, bronzer and bold lip colors. While many individuals believe that the goal of wearing makeup is to subtly emphasize your features, Arabic makeup takes a much bolder approach.

The Arabic culture seems to be stylish, attractive, and mysterious. Get all the sensual arabic look applied into your makeup using our tips and guidance to take advantage of the magical arabic image.

Arabic Bridal Makeup: The Eyes

The eye makeup is key to the Arab bridal make-up look. Eyeshadows that are in bright and contrasting colors are often used to complement the bride’s outfit. The use of shades to blend colors is also important. Use gel eye-liners as they are easier to apply and are waterproof. Gel eye-liners are great for lining the inner rim of the eye and they stay put for hours, unlike pencils.

Arabic Bridal Makeup: The Lips

Lips are also dramatically shaped using complementary colors - shades of reds, browns, oranges and pinks are used depending on your skin tone and eye make-up

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Beautiful Arabic Makeup Pictures

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