Monday, January 3, 2011

5 Keys to Mothers' Fashion

With the rise of fashion & design, many mothers are flashing baby prams. Newer prams are strictly focusing on fashion, which is obvious with the colors, stylish look and social endorsement. Some are even being marketed to men, of course for the dad, as women are more active in today's workforce versus the days of old.
Baby prams are being seen a lot in fashion magazines and in paparazzi pictures. Some of the classic pram carriages are becoming really popular as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and even the British Royal Family have been seen flashing their babies in them.
It's a fact that prams are popular for fashion reasons, as all the marketing surrounding them focus on fashion. So what else are fashion magazines showing us for the mother interested in fashion? Many young mom's are wanting to keep their looks, their style and heads turning. So how can they do this based on what fashion ads are telling us?
5 key's to a mother's fashion... as evidenced by the world's top fashion magazines:
1) Many celebrities are seen to be walking around with prams. Social endorsement is present here. Nearly all ads for mothers show a new mom pushing her baby in a pram.
2) Old style is coming back - prams are "outdated" and were the method of transport in the past. Many popular and elegant clothing lines such as Coach, Hugo Boss, and others are bringing back old fashion.
3) Elegance - Big sunglasses are in for mothers. Old cabbaret hats as well.
4) Simplicity - If you look at fashion ads, you'll notice a simple but elegant mother. Simplicity is in. A simple braclet and earrings will do the trick. Not a flashy gold watch and 5 necklaces.
5) Different - Fashion for a mother is all about being different. High heels aren't different... but guess what? Flip flops are. I've seen many ads where a mother is wearing flip flop sandals, a thin skirt, and a nice top. Simple, different, sexy.
Lookout for magazine ads next time you open a fashion or mother & parenting magazine.

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