Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funky stoles are big hit this season than dupattas

Warmly wrapped dupatta around swanky dress figures something that has stayed as tradition and requirement of Eastern women fashion trend for so long. Gradually with changing fashion trends dupattahas also undergone drastic changes in designs and shapes.
Funky stoles are this season’s big hit than dupattas. They herald same femininity as dupattas do with their full romance pampering youngish girl and grown women and increasing their beauty and style.
This era of fashion upgrading has lifted neck wrapping clothing as well. Where dupatta is a complete fashion statement stoles are modish that endow glamour to ordinary women and mark her style statement distinctly. Women traditional fashion clothing including shalwar qameezsarilehenga andsharara is ornamented with sequined or embroidereddupattas though the women fashion apperals are now more than these-pants with kurta, bell bottoms with long shirts and trousers with stylish blazers are the dress codes that ask for something enhancing gloomy look and appreciatingWestern suiting. Hence, what else is demanding than a stole sophisticatedly wrapped around head or worn in neck likeascot style.
  • Designs and prints of women fashion stoles
Silk chiffon stole, animal print stole, velvet stole, fur stoles, crocheted stoles, fiji frolic stole, sensational stole, tropical pastels stole, bold stripes stole, nautical stole, fringed stole, kathmandu stole, buttoned stole, netted stole, tied dyed stole, glittery stole, ruffled stole, ostrich boa stole, silk crinkle stole and more numerous designs are there in women fashion stoles.
  • Styles of women fashion stoles
Long length stolessquare stole and triangular stoles are the main styles of women fashion stoles but long length stole serve as warmly as a friendly shawl in winter. it can be tied around neck in variety of ways bestowing excitement and bold look to your charming dress.
  • Fabrics for women fashion stoles
Any of these fabrics can be selected regarding the stuff your dress is going such as cotton stoles, georgette stoles, banarsi stoles, pashmina stoles, woolen stoles, viscose stoles, cashmere stoles, polyester stoles, embroidered stoles and diamenated stoles.
Many fashion designers are creating abstract stoles for women that may be easily replaced with any sort of dress and provide same modish persona as dupattas do with their blossom.

Hippy Boucle Aloha Stole Silk Ombre Silver StolePlain Woven Ivory StoleMoody Blues Rose Print Sequin Stole
Sparkle Metallic Lurex Woven StolePlain Woven Silver Stole

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