Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tips to Ward off hat hair...

Winter is definitely hat season (well, in my opinion, all seasons are hat weather). But for you hat-wearing ladies who aren’t sure how to mesh your hair with your hat look, fashion website put out a piece entitiled, “6 Hat Hair Tricks We Love”.

Here is the breakdown:
  1. For Knit hats and Beanies, have the hat sitting back, with some of the bangs coming out the front of the hat (swept to the side). Be willing to go with the “messy look” with a beanie.
  2. For the Aviator hat or Trapper hat, long and messy is the way to go. Since these hats are fuller, you will want to only go with this look if you have medium length or longer hair.
  3. With the Cadet cap, capped beanie, or riding cap, the side ponytail is a great complement.
  4. For the Fedora or Indiana Jones Style Hats, Either leave the hair down, with a free-flowed, air-dried look, or pull the hair back in a bun, tucked up into the hat, but leaving some hair hanging out in the front sides to look a little more feminine and laid back.
  5. For full brimmed (wide-brimmed hats), like the Tilley R5, or a Summer or winter sun hat, go with volume! Whether straight or curly, you will want to get some volume, waves, or big curls going on.
  6. Finally, for the Wrap: Again, go casual and “messy” if you have longer hair, with braids off to the side. If you have short hair, see how it looks if you flip the ends up.
So don’t let hat hair keep you from wearing a great hat! Just find the hat that is the right shape for your face, and rock a hairstyle that maximizes the look of your lovely, unique hat!

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