Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fashion Sunglasses 2010 – 2011

Beautiful eyes for women the best decoration . Therefore, they are worth looking at the world through fashion and not less beautiful Sunglasses. Sunglasses – an indispensable accessory , which can provide masking or changing the image , to realize the desire to stand out fashionist or vice versa hide from prying eyes and go unnoticed , to name a business woman or a bold and ultra- trendy look.

It is therefore important to find your most suitable option rim : someone would ideally look like in sports, but someone in the round sunglasses , retro shape of which emphasize the individuality of style who are wearing them . Fashion at Sunglasses This season is different permissiveness and accept things: and the most modest and classic and challenging models with rims covered with sequins and extremely bright color .
But the most fashionable sunglasses this season are huge , with dark lenses and massive enough frame model . Large , very bright and individually expressive model in “retro” style , of course, are clear favorites for this season, something like a score of 50 x – 70- ies
Despite the striking trends , many designers are almost completely abandoned the use of ” acid ” colors , preferring the classics in brown , black and gray colors on the frames .

Large , half- face sunglasses in the style of the 60′s , allows you to hide your eyes from the flashes the paparazzi are popular among the stars . Such glasses attached has been awarded the unapproachable and somewhat enigmatic , protecting the eyes from the sun.
any almost any light and transparent, or completely blacked out , and the actual color , gradient lenses.
Glasses ” Aviator “ tear-shaped in an elegant frame made of metal with ” perekladinkoy ” between the glass top , invented in the 80 ‘s, remain relevant model , and this summer . Particularly effective give the face a “Aviator ” with a mirror type of glass .
Thick rims in the style of the 70 also remain in the list of fashion trends. Recalling the style of a hippie with a wide rim and rounded or rectangular panes.
By superpopulyarnymi season style ” safari ” best fit ” tortoise “in the massive black – brown -rimmed glasses , adding originality and exoticism of the image .
Returned and trend the 50 ‘s , when California fashionista put up on the nose massive spectacles with a white rim.

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